Privacy Policy

You can fulfill our obligations under the relevant legislation, especially the law on arts and artifacts numbered 5846, the Turkish Penal Code numbered 5237 and the regulation on the publication of personal data, kvkk, publications made on the Internet numbered 5651 and combating crimes committed through these publications, we are committed to complying with this privacy policy and KVKK in order to provide services.

your data, you can store in our system in Turkey and abroad, we can offer you a better and more personalized service to anonymously share for the support we receive in advertising and targeting, and measurement and analysis of domestic and foreign 3rd person.

it may be possible to place your browser cookies and the like during the time you are in the sour.

Turkish law will be applied to resolve any dispute arising from our privacy policy; istanbul central courts and executive directorates are authorized.

we may update our privacy policy without notice to you. therefore; we encourage you to periodically review your privacy policy.