How Patek Philippe Can Sell The World's Most Expensive Watches

To what does Patek Philippe, which has a place in the watch world at a different point, owes this? As you know, Swiss watch manufacturer company audemars piguet introduced the royal oak model in 1972 and launched the most characteristic model ever produced by high watchmaking. While the question of whether quartz watches from Asia will shake the throne of mechanical watches in the market, audemars piguet changed the fate of mechanical watch manufacturers and kept them active today. So what did audemars piguet do? In the 70s, quartz watches took the market with their reasonable prices and variety, while the royal oak model smashed everyone in the face what high watchmaking really was. The man called Gerald Genta (those who know this name will not forget, but those who hear it for the first time, beware, because in the following part of the article, our transition point to patek philippe will be gerald genta) was the designer of royal oak, he designed a steel and octagonal case with blue and rectangular figures on it. (which is called the tapisserie pattern) placed a dial. Afterwards, this simple and plain design began to sell at a very high price at a time when the dominance of quartz was developing, and this watch had a steel case that could be considered worthless compared to gold. At first, sales were not as desired, but the Italian market made Royal Oak suddenly famous and saved both Audemars Piguet and high watchmaking. After royal oak, the concept of sport-steel settled in the literature, vacheron constantin 222, girard-perregaux laureato and patek philippe nautilus became the models that followed the term sport-steel. however, the nautilus was different between them, and that was because it was patek philippe. Now I'm giving you another little-known watchmaking secret: Gerald Genta, who designed Royal Oak overnight, took even less time to design the Nautilus. Gerald Genta coincidentally stayed in the same hotel with Patek Philippe executives before the Basel Fair in 1975 (Baselworld, where brands such as patek philippe, rolex and omega introduced their new models, was known as the basel fair at that time). While Genta was having his breakfast alone in the hotel restaurant before the fair, his eyes fell on the table where the Patek Philippe executives had breakfast. At that moment, he called the waiter and asked for a napkin and drew that famous nautilus model on the napkin for the first time with a pen he took out of his pocket. royal oak designed in one night and nautilus drawn on a napkin every 10 minutes! The following year, in 1976, the nautilus was introduced at the Basel fair. genta was one of the greatest designers history has ever seen. at this point you were going to tell me about the image of patek philippe, you might say what happened; Let me tell you right away: Genta described that moment in an interview as follows: “The nautilus is not an ordinary or my own design; he is the true face of patek executives, patek philippe.” If you look carefully at the nautilus, you can see that the watch is easily separated from its counterparts. an elegance, in common terms, flows over the design; neither as aggressive and sporty as royal oak, nor as classic as 222 nor as simple as laureato. The case, inspired by ship portholes, and the horizontal blue striped dial have a unique atmosphere, as if there is no need to place the patek philippe lettering on the dial. this is where patek's image emerges. Think of patek philippe as the magnum opus, perceive it as the most beautiful thing ever created. the brand is already helping you feel that way. elegance is patek philippe's greatest asset. you can't buy grace; You are born with or you are not, that is the question. patek is a brand as precious as the holy grail in high watchmaking and its place is far beyond the others. so he can set the value he wants for himself. Can you guess what the holder of the holy grail will price it?
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