Bhadeya is a country side locality in Gaya district of Bihar, India. Bhadeya is located in Barachati, Gaya, in the state of Bihar in northern India. Bhadeya includes Bhadeya, Karma and its localities of Azizabad, Karimgunj, Razagunj, Ansar Nagar, Zahoorabad. It also comprises Sondiha, Paili, Chhaura Bandh, Bigha, Imamgunj, Gaiwal Karma, Hasanpur, Mananbigha. Location Bhadeya is at 24.78 north and 84.98 east. It is close to the Gulsakari river. National Highway 2 and Oldham Road (the old road from Gaya to Chota Nagpur) pass through Bhadeya. Inhabitants Pathans are the ethnic majority. Beyond farming and local transport services people work in the states of the Persian Gulf, providing the area with an important source of income. Climate Bhadeya has a tropical climate. Summers are generally hot (April–June), while winters are cool (October–February). It experiences southwestern monsoon rains from July to September. Education Bhadeya has schools, Library and tuition centers serving rural south Bihar including: Sir Syed Memorial School Sir Syed memorial school Sansons World School Azad Academy Urdu middle school, Bhadeya (Now Upgraded to 10+2) Urdu Middil School Bhadeya Mushtaq Ali Khan Minority High School Madarsa Amjadia, Bhadeya Public Library, founded by Bhadeya social welfare trust. Religion The majority of population is Sunni Muslim. Bhadeya has five mosques: Bhadeya Jama Masjid, Bigha Par ki Masjid, Masjid Ali Azizabad, Masjid aziz and one at Kata Par. one more mosques are under construction in Shamshuddin Nagar. Notable individuals Janab Hassan Raza Khan Babu Mushtaque Ali Khan Janab Abdul Aziz Khan Janab Kamal Uddin Khan Prince Nasim Khan Janab Ozair khan Aladdin khan
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