What Exactly is the COVID-19 Mutating Event in the UK?

 Recent research in the UK revealed that a mutated variation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 disease can increase the transmission rate of the virus. Summary of the event for those who say what this study is.

In recent studies conducted in England, it was revealed that the spike protein that allows sars-cov-2 virus to attach to cells due to the n501y mutation was mutated and this could affect the transmission rate of the virus.

The sars-cov-2 virus that causes covid-19 disease has already mutated thousands of times so far, and there are variations. the spike protein has been mutated 4000 times. There were also mutations among them that increased its infectiousness. The spike has become more contagious by increasing its proteins. example: d614g.

that is, the virus in wuhan and the virus currently circulating are already different. We can say that the virus they controlled in China was 3 times less contagious than the current one in circulation.

In summary;

- This variation of the virus appeared in September.

- It is unclear whether it is genetically more contagious, it has been seen that the virus stands out in this variant in a region.

- this is not thought to affect the vaccines.

- there is no evidence that it is more deadly.

- but indirectly, the more people they meet, the more people they threaten.

The virus is constantly mutating, but these mutations are hardly noticeable since there is no pressure on it. With the vaccine, there will be serious pressure on the virus for the first time. Let's hope he surrenders.

So will vaccines work against the new virus variation?

it will almost certainly work, at least for now. All three prominent vaccines develop immunity against currently existing strains. vaccines train the immune system to attack multiple regions of the virus. that is, if the virus is partially mutated, the vaccine is expected to work. But if mutations increase, then we may have to worry.

This virus is potentially seeking ways to escape the vaccine, and for now it can be said that it has taken the first few steps down the road. Vaccine avoidance occurs as the virus changes, preventing the vaccine from taking full effect and remaining contagious. This is the most worrying thing about the change in the virus. This change is the last indication that the virus continues to adapt as it infects people. prof. from the university of glasgow. The virus will eventually create mutant variations that can escape vaccines, according to david robertson.

This means that the vaccine production, which is constantly updated every year, will be needed for covid, as in influenza. Fortunately, the vaccines available can be easily renewed according to mutations.

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