The Way To Achieve The Productive Personality, The Only Thing That Can Make Man Happy According To Erich Fromm

 Most of us know the famous psychiatrist, philosopher and sociologist Erich Fromm, who lived between 23 March 1900-18 March 1980, by his work The Art of Loving. He has very important views on the happiness of modern people.

eric fromm's personality theory actually gives people the simple formula of being happy. Let me first tell you about fromm's point of view on human personality, and in the last part, the simple tip he gave for people to be happy.
Now we need to start with the question: what exactly is personality we call?
personality; The individual's distinction, being a distinctive feature, is all of the individual's self-specificities, and personality is formed by life experiences as a result of social influences. Permanent personality is the common product of all of the inherited aspects that make up the physical structure and temperament of the individual and all social and cultural influences, that is, both environmental and genetic factors are effective on this situation. According to eric fromm, the main problem of psychology arises here; the question of how an individual relates to society, the world, and himself. In this point of view, individual and environmental relations are in two directions; the first is socialization and the second is assimilation.
socialization can turn into symbiotic relationships, withdrawal and destructiveness. So what is this symbiotic relationship?
We can express the symbiotic relationship as the dependence of the individual on others in social relations. Here the individual does not want to be alone, tries to get rid of his insecurity by harming another person or on the contrary, by harming himself. They are passive and active forms of social attitudes based on behaviors such as withdrawal and destructiveness. In withdrawal, if the individual is in a destructive state while trying to make his / her environment a safe environment, he / she tries to prove his strength with aggression and gain trust.

Assimilation, on the other hand, includes the ways individuals collect and use all concrete and abstract "objects", and this also has its own varieties.

receptive disposition: the individual expects his environment to help him, expects everything from others.

exploitative tendency: these spend their lives exploiting others. moreover, they believe they have a right. There are such people around us as we do not want, we all know.

stacker: here the individual is the collector. the outside world is dangerous for him. tends to accumulate and store everything in order to protect himself.

The marketer: the individual constantly demonstrates marketing behavior in order to be successful. It gives the message "I am the way you want it". Such people are unhappy within themselves, they constantly try to show themselves differently in order to look good to the environment, and they are constantly in conflict in their inner world due to the dilemmas they experience in their personality.

producer: this is the one-personality type with a positive trend. produces, loves others, is creative. is the most important purpose of being constructive and beneficial to others.

I hope one day we can all attain this productive personality. We can truly act holistically by accepting and loving ourselves, reflecting ourselves to the environment correctly, and sharing the things we produce with the environment. Doing something for others makes people happy; Thus, social support is received from the outside and emotional satisfaction is experienced. Therefore, being productive as much as possible and sharing what is produced is one of the essential elements for positive personality structure.

Let's love ourselves, people, strive for something and share what we do / can do with people. There is certainly one side that everyone can do, that they can do more or less, that can be useful to someone or someone, at least try to reveal this side and strive for it. As the feeling of satisfaction begins to be eliminated over time, be sure that most steps will come by themselves.

do not be afraid.

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