The Tension Between Apple and Facebook and Reflected in Newspaper Ads

 There is a great tension / contention between the two giant companies Apple and Facebook these days.

The conflict between Apple and Facebook has started to take effect more recently. The two companies have faced ad tracking, but Facebook started attacking Apple by advertising in the newspaper to announce this struggle.
it's almost impossible for facebook to win this war. Although apple is ahead in this struggle, there is absolutely no such thing as winning. Naturally, there is a possibility for both companies to lose.

So why did this war break out, why did it come to this level?

With the latest update for its mobile devices, apple is asking users' consent to show personalized ads. This means that many users will not allow this consent, and therefore applications cannot show personal advertisements to users. Ads shown according to users' interests earn more money for Facebook and other developers than other ads.

It is thought that this change will have a big impact on Facebook, because the ads shown will no longer be private to individuals, so random ads will appear instead of interesting ads and users will be less interested in these ads. Facebook, on the other hand, states the reason for their opposition to the change because they support small businesses.

But both companies mislead people

apple says they don't want to block personal ad tracking, they just make this preference available to users. This part of the event is correct, but the words they use can mislead users:

"Shall the applications of other companies and the activities of the web pages you visit be shared with the facebook application?"

A warning that comes in this way can make Facebook think as if they are spying on users and many people do not approve of this permission. Apple's task is to offer only one option here, but the warning shown directs users not to allow.

Apple itself is actually the developer of the questioned ad tracking system and this system helps to hide the identity of the users. For example, if a particular ski-related ad was displayed on a device, then unrelated gardening supplies appear less often when ads such as ski suits or ski gear appear on other devices and on certain pages. Here it is not possible for facebook or any company to have information about the identity of the person because this is blocked by the idfa (identifier for adversiters) developed by apple.

Although apple uses misleading words, it is difficult to compare with what facebook does. Facebook defends itself by saying that blocking personal advertisements will harm small businesses and does not make any statements about themselves.

The statement made by facebook

"We stand against apple for small businesses everywhere. While personalized advertisements can be detrimental to large companies like us, they will be devastating for small businesses with the challenges they are facing right now. Small businesses need to be heard as well. We've heard your concerns and we are there"

Facebook does not seem to be able to convince anyone with this statement for now, and facebook is expected to lose this war.

There is not the slightest possibility that Facebook will win this war, and that way they will not be able to cause Apple to back down or change its mind.

This action of facebook is not a behavior that will be interpreted well for many users. Many people on the street, especially those who do not have extensive knowledge on the subject, will see this struggle as if Apple is protecting its own personality, while Facebook is trying to access personal information.

One of the consequences of this war will be the personal data text in the descriptions of the applications available in the app store. Facebook's personal data text lasts for pages and almost nobody reads these articles. This text, approved without reading, provides a huge data pool for facebook. However, the war with apple has drawn people's attention to this text and many people are trying to get informed by reading this text.

Facebook has actually scored its own goal for this reason, while people already have antipathy towards faceook, this can cause people to get further away from facebook to raise awareness.

However, apple may also be lost from this war.

apple can lose in two ways:

First, many of the apps available in apple's stores contain advertisements. If users do not allow ad tracking, developers may earn less money from these ads. Therefore, either fewer applications can be developed or free applications may become paid.

according to the thoughts, here apple sees himself in his giant mirror. As their customers are loyal to the company, they do not go to other brands and small applications cannot do much harm because only large applications are important. however, there is no guarantee that this situation will not change.

There is a second way for apple to lose. Facebook has become more aggressive due to these events. He tries to attack apple at every opportunity he gets due to the changes made by apple. He says that application developers will not be able to earn money due to the changes in the ads, so many applications will switch to the subscription system. He says that as a result, while the developers will continue to make money again, those who will be affected by the change will be the users.

apple, on the other hand, has been dealing with trust issues from many places around the world. On top of that, it seems that one of the largest companies in the world wages a war against Apple, which will increase the pressure more.

However, apple recently removed the epic games company's game fortnite from its store and carried the epic games event to the court. (see: uninstalling fortnite from appstore)

In previous years, fbi had gone to Apple several times to unlock the keys of the apple devices they use to get information about suspicious persons, Apple rejected this request and said that even if he was guilty, he could not violate his personal rights. (see: fbi requests backdoor from apple)

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