Critical Tips and Useful Resources from a Self-Learned English

If you have questions and concerns such as how to learn English at home, how can I learn English at all, how to learn English in the easiest way, it is a future content like medicine.

As a friend of yours who learned English on his own, I can say that I spend a lot of time on the practice of learning a foreign language. I would like to give some humble advice on the resources I have benefited from in this process and the approach I find right.

First of all, I would like to point out that if you do not spend your daily life in an English-speaking country, it is really difficult to learn a language without acquiring basic grammar knowledge. "We teach the way babies learn language!" etc. I recommend you not to be fooled by such nonsense. because there is a serious distinction between a minor learning a language and an already established native language learning a language (I assume you are not a baby). In this context, it is really competent in the English language, with sufficient study, you can get the score you target in any English exam, express yourself written and orally on any subject, and understand what you read and listen (including academic texts, speeches) at least 70% You need to study grammar guys. The good news is that the grammar of English is almost as consistent as mathematics, with very few exceptions.
By learning grammar, I am not talking about memorizing formulas like a parrot, I am talking about internalizing all grammar topics in comparison with your native language. I don't think you should pay attention to the "think english" nonsense. You cannot think in English without bringing English to a certain level.
I think one of the biggest difficulties we have in learning English is that we do not have sufficient knowledge of Turkish language. To give an example, it is impossible for someone who does not know the passive voice in Turkish to understand the passive voices in English (comparatively I mean learning grammar on a logical level).
After this long introduction, I start my advice ...
Get a resource that explains the English grammar in detail and this is your bedside resource. Cambridge University's "english grammar in use" is a very comprehensive and cult resource (you know better than me where you can get it).

Everyone does not know about dualingo and bbc learning english applications, but few people know about lingualeo. I strongly recommend. If you want the words you learn to be more permanent, I recommend you to look at the etymology. (see: etymonline) application is available in the play store.

I highly recommend the application named "ludwig". When you type the new words you have learned into the search engine, it offers you a series of sentences containing the use of the relevant word in a sentence. All of these sentences are published in international newspapers, magazines etc. that are above a certain standard. from platforms.

The application named "english news" contains many newspapers. an application that you can read according to your interests.

There is a podcast application called "Stitcher". You can access as many English podcasts as you want through this application. Remember that listening is very important. In the first place, "learning english" etc. to the search engine. If you write, you will find many podcast channels focused on learning English that you can understand very well.

Very good application in “voa english”.

visualthesaurus is an amazing site in one word. Type in a word and find dozens of words associated with that word. (I highly recommend)

A site similar to skell ludwig will get more efficiency than ludwig for beginners to learn English. because the sentences containing the word you wrote have a simpler grammatical structure.

Very effective site for deepenglish reading. texts are both fun and audio files of related texts are also available.

visuwords is still a site that creates a word tree.
youtube channels
There are thousands of youtube channels on english, but I want to share a few that do not contain clickbait.

The channel called engvid hosts many native English teachers. There are many quality English lessons you don't want.

I strongly recommend canguro english. our teacher christian is a really authentic dude.

the school of life produces really solid content with animated videos. I think it will contribute to your intellectual development besides your English development.

I think oxford online english is also a first class channel. especially for those who love the british accent.

I hope you find something useful for your business in this recommendation. I wish everyone a good work :)

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