Internet Firsts, One of the Inventions That Changed Human History

When was the Internet found / invented? How did the Internet come to these days? What was the history of the technology that monitored the cats' clumsiness from the device in our pocket? What were the firsts of the internet?
On 4 October 1957, the Soviet Union sent the first handmade satellite, sputnik, to the orbit of the world. in fact, this satellite can not be said to be very functional; for it was only traveling in the orbit of the earth and making beeps, but the Soviet's possession of this technology worried America. American scientists and engineers at that time were busy making bigger televisions, faster cars, and the Soviets sending something into space meant they would beat the cold war.

The launch of sputnik made Americans think more seriously about science and technology. Before that, lessons such as chemistry, physics, mathematics were not given in high school and middle school, and if they were related to the department, they were given at the university. America, who thinks she is lagging behind in science, decided to teach these lessons to children earlier. In addition, many companies started scientific research and development with government support. the federal government set up companies within its own body. One of these companies was NASA and the other was barley, which would invent the Internet.

The fear of American citizens was what would happen if the soviets damaged telephone lines in the event of a possible attack. It was possible to interrupt long distance communication by destroying all cable networks with just one missile. a new idea was introduced and a system where computers can talk to each other was considered. This way, even if the telephone lines were damaged, government officials would be able to communicate via computers.

A new technology called packet switching was developed in 1965. In packet switching, the data was first separated into packs and then went to where it was going. The location of the data should be determined by a person without packet switching, which was a system that could easily be damaged just like telephone lines. here is a parenthesis; In those years, telephone exchanges were found, and in order to make a phone call, the exchange was called first, the person in charge at the switchboard turned on the phone and asked which number to call. After saying the number, the exchange would dial that number so that the conversation would be started with the other party. packet switching eliminated the need for switchboards.

In 1969, the first message was sent between the two computers. One of the computers, both small in size, was at the University of California and the other at Stanford. The first message was supposed to be "login", but only the letters "lo" came to the computer because of a system error. After the problem was resolved in a short time, the entire message could be sent without any problems.
By the end of 1969, there were only four computers connected to the arpanet. In the 1970s, the internet began to grow rapidly. In 1973, the first international and offshore connection was provided. Two more computers, one in England and one in Norway, were connected to the Internet. However, the rapid development of the internet brought some problems because all computers communicated over a single connection.

In the late 1970s, a method to solve this problem was developed. Thanks to this protocol called tcp, every computer connected to the internet created its own small networks. tcp would later be changed to tcp / ip.

The first e-mail was sent in 1971. this mail went to all other users in the system.
The arpanet was developed for military purposes, but it was not long before it was available to the public. therefore, the wire is the first isp.

The first modem was launched in 1977. In this way, people who used the internet at home started to connect more easily.

The first spam mail was sent in 1978. It was a post about the advertisement of the computer named dec 2020 and was sent to about 400 people.

The plateau, the development of which started in the early 1970s, had a graphical interface in 1972. People working on the plateau decided to use this system to play games in 1978. In this way, the first multiplayer online game was played. The game, which allowed 32 people to play simultaneously, was a simple dungeons and dragons model.

In the 1980s, the internet was only out of the communication tool and files were sent over the internet.

In 1985, the first domain was registered.

The first search engine archie was made 8 years before google.
In 1990, html was created, which forms most of today's websites. The first website,, started to take its place on the Internet on August 6, 1991.
In 1991, the internet turned into the form we use today and the world wide web was launched.

The first picture was uploaded to the internet in 1992. This picture, which belongs to a parody band, was uploaded by tim burners lee.
The first visual internet browser, mosaic, appeared on April 22, 1993. One year later, netscape was launched. Many of the internet browsers we use today, such as google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera, internet explorer, are inspired by mosaic.

Yahoo in 1994! It was founded by Jerry Yang and David Fleet.

the first banner ad appeared on site in 1994. This advertisement, supported by AT&T, was advertising the museums.
The first online shopping was done in 1994. sting's ten summoner's tales album was sold for $ 12.48.

Aerosmith's head first song was only available for download on the Internet, not in their albums. this song was uploaded to the internet in 1994 by geffen records.

The first order made through amazon took place in 1995 on a book. In the same year, it made its first sale on e-bay but this sale was made with a defective laser.

The first MMO game Meridian 59 was released in 1996. however, the game that made the mmo market popular was ultima online, which debuted in 1997. The game that has achieved more than expected success for the first time is everquest from 1999.

In 1998, 2 university students founded google.
In 1999, livejournal creator brad fitzpatrick entered the first content of the site, saying "this is a test".

The internet encyclopedia wikipedia appeared in 2001.

The first social media, friendster, came out in 2002 but could not function as social media because it had only 2000 members.
The first skype call took place in 2003. "tere, kas sa kuuled mind?" The words were the first words spoken on skype. The meanings of these words in Spanish are "Hello, can you hear me?"

The first person who was not one of the founding team of facebook, arie hasit opened his profile in 2004. He is currently receiving religious education in Israel. In 2006, it opened its facebook membership registration to everyone.

World of Warcraft, which connects many people around the world per day and night, was launched in late 2004.

Reddit, called the front page of the internet, was founded in 2005 by two friends at the age of 22.

In 2005, YouTube's first video "me at the zoo" was uploaded. In the video, one of the founding team of youtube is in front of the elephant in the zoo.
Quora, a successful question and answer site, opened its access to everyone in 2010.

Google's not-so-successful social media google + debuted in 2011.
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