Why was life difficult in the Middle Ages?

What happened in the Middle Ages? Why is the medieval darkness caused? This and more in our content.
- For women, the danger of being accused of being witches and being burned was very high. such that, after the witch rumor about a woman came out, the inquisition tied the woman to the stake and burned it and made the judgment. because if the woman burned, she was guilty, if not the witch was counted. they all turned out not guilty.

- As a child, you did not have much chance to live, you were most likely dead in the first two years.

- As a man, you did not have much chance to live. you could be recruited at any time or die from starvation or fatigue. The average life expectancy was 30-35 years.

- Slavery could be added to your danger of dying as a man, woman or child, depending on the condition of your skin color. If you are black, you would probably be enslaved.

- your daily diet usually included little animal food or vegetables. most of the time you were eating cereal and this diet was far from meeting your basic needs, today we call it scarce.

- You are an ordinary Christian farmer in Antakya. Your city is sacred to you Christians, but unfortunately it has been in the hands of Muslims for a long time. but we have good news for you. Pope heard your screams and assembled an army to save you and the people of Jerusalem. you will be saved soon!

- the army is moving in the border Turkey, Konya around on. They will be in Antakya for up to a month. The Seljuks in distress are not in a position to defend this place, so you are looking forward to the crusader army.

- You are an ordinary Christian in the crusader army. You have no business with military service, if you fight for God in holy land, you heard your sins will be forgiven and you joined the army immediately. You can't wait to go to heaven.

- You met with turks around Konya. You were so surprised because they never fight like your Europeans! they shoot arrows on the horse and run away and take you jealously. but maybe you could survive ... you couldn't get rid of it. You have been destroyed with the entire crusader army. some of you have been ripped off and stuck in the spear.

- You are an ordinary nobleman in Europe. you don't have a lot of land, but you heard a lot about wealth in the holy land. pope called to gather a new army after last year's disaster and you took your place in this army. this army consisted of professional soldiers. You have passed without any hindrance from the domestic turkey: antakya, you've got to Urfa and Jerusalem. Some of your fanatical religious soldiers ate kebabs of the muslims in the city and ate them for good deeds.

- You are an ordinary Muslim from Antakya. the city fell and you were defeated. no you are not defeated, you are defeated. they ate you. They made kebab.

- You are any jew on the way of the crusader army: you died in every way.

- you are a Byzantine emperor. You invited the crusaders to help, but Muslims gained strength again. You agreed with the Venetians and Pope and convened a new crusader army and promised them some cities. but what is that As the Crusader army passed through Istanbul, it liked and looted the city. You are from your capital, belly dancer played in your biggest prayer room, your people were massacred.

- again you are the Byzantine emperor, let's say you are from the kantakuzenos dynasty. Komnenos, rival dynasties, rebelled. You were thrown from the throne but you were not killed because you were an emperor. yeeeey! your tongue was cut, your eyes were branded, and you were closed to a monastery.

You are the king of german and roman. You have assembled the largest army that has been assembled up to that day and you are moving to the holy land. your armor is too heavy. Your horse frightened and threw you off while passing through a not so deep stream. your armor was so heavy that you drowned and your entire army was scattered. ':: friedrich barbarossa`
- You are a pagan who lives in Prussia. you have no harm to anyone. you worship tree, soil, water. one morning you woke up to go to your field again and saw a group of knights from afar. You've seen knights before, but these were scary. Even their horses were armored, even their horses were frightening! they approached you. They speak German, you understand their language. They asked you if you are a Christian, when you said no, one of them said, would you like to be well, and you said no.

A ritterbrüder approaching you with his horse divided you with his heavy sword. you did not suffer.

Didn't you die of starvation, war, fatigue? you still have a chance to die: the plague. plague, which was called several times in the medieval times - especially the black death called bubonic plague, killed most of the world population.

You are a Jew who has caught the plague. While sitting desperately wriggling with the body of your two children, you saw the commission of inquisition coming towards you. You are not Christians, what can they do with you? they are approaching ... they are approaching ... let me tell you: the reason for the plague is the spells that you and your competitors did. they say so.

you were tried, convicted and massacred. Unfortunately, this would not be the last of your mass murder as a race.

- did you endure the plague? congratulations. Now, there are diseases such as malaria, smallpox and measles. You can live up to the age of 40 if you get through them all. but maybe.

- By God, halal, you've survived all. but what is that A group riding on a horse is quickly heading towards you. Is his eyes slanted? how are these people? At the beginning, there is the son of a person named Genghis Khan. hoot, are they drinking horse blood? give up now! but talk, maybe a common point ....

not found. your village was burned, your women were raped, the elderly and children were killed, and you were killed by reading at the best and worst of all, by swimming and drumming. game over.

- You are the caliph. You live in Baghdad. these slant-eyed people burn up and burn until they come to you, killing even cats in cities that do not surrender. When they come before Baghdad, that horrible hell sends you a letter and asks you to surrender and leave the city to the Mongols. but you are very confident that Allah is in your rank, and you give a negative answer to the call of surrender by saying "God will break the hand reaching me".

As a result, your city was burned, your concubines were concubine, and you were killed by cuddling the horses and cuddling the horses because it was a sin to shed blood from the caliph.

You're on the continent of America. neither you are aware of the rest of the world, nor are they from you. but what is that someone who doesn't look like you comes from afar. They are waving to you, and you are waving and giving it the golden necklace on your neck as a gift. because gold is so much out there that it has no value.

You are surprised to see the glow in the eyes of the bearded conquistador while giving the necklace, but you don't know what the conquistador means. which language is this Spanish? Don't be afraid, after 400 years, all your grandchildren will know that language as their mother tongue.

You were friendly to these strangers but they are hostile to you. you will fight, but these are riding on interesting animals they call horses, using steel weapons, throwing exploding shots. You are defeated even in battles where you are five-to-one superior. you have to find a solution to this, no one has any more tolerance to be defeated on the battlefields!

- congratulations! Now your people are dying at home, not on the battlefield. it is the first time you see most simple diseases that these foreigners are immune to, your population is melting like crazy. soon your population is almost completely exhausted. Get well soon.

life is always hard.


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