Why should we hide it from our environment, until we get a result from a job?

It is an action that many of us do frequently is the thing of hiding it from others until it gets a result from a job. There was even a scientific reason for this issue. Dictionary writer "Larker" told.
An article to support this recommendation was published in the world-renowned psychological science journal in 2009:

"when intentions go public does social reality widen the intention-behavior gap?"

before I begin to study the article in more detail, I will talk about something else with your permission.
once I want to say this. physically there is no real space in the universe. Even in the darkest areas of space that are thought to contain nothing, there are tiny particles. at the same time, every substance (no matter how intense or sparse) tends to act in a way that fills what it contains. For example, as is commonly known, gas molecules in a container of any size are emitted to fill the container completely.
I think an analogy can be established from here to the human mind. No matter how much or little we are concerned (no matter how full or empty our brain is), what we are interested in begins to spread to cover all of our minds. From this point of view, it can be said that focusing on one thing in life is often not the right decision. if you deal with one thing, this thing covers 100% of your life, you will fall behind 100% of your goals in case of failure.

therefore, "distributing risk" is usually a more reasonable option. if you deal with ten different things instead of one (let's say it is of equal weight), this would mean that at least 90% is still left in a possible failure:

- focusing on one thing can cause your brain to work only to focus on that single thing and fill in the gaps when it is necessary for other things (therefore it must be) ignoring other things in your life: (see: opportunity cost)
- at the same time, you may feel that you have come to an irreversible point. this, in fact, may cause you to avoid this situation and continue compulsory, even if you no longer need to stop taking care of it: (see: sunk cost) & (see point of no return)

On the other hand, if we come to the main issue, to express any of your goals continuously may not give very successful results, as expected:

- You can create more than necessary expectations both in yourself and in others. this will cause unnecessary pressure on you. If you fail on top of it, you will upset yourself and your loved ones, and you will make people who do not love you happy.

- People who do not want you to be successful may want to set a barrier.
- Your brain can secrete dopamine as a satisfaction (false alarm) as if that work has taken place. this may cause you to not focus enough on what you need to deal with. here is a short quote from the link I gave:

"talking about a target and waiting for praise can backfire. Being a person with goals and getting praise will make you feel good. psychologists have called this situation social reality. and you will be compromised. as a result, you will be deprived of chemical motivation that will provide the necessary steps to achieve. "

A ted talk on the topic called keep goals to yourself can be found...

I want to go back to the article now. After several subjects and four different studies, the following data were obtained:
"When others are aware of a desired goal to be achieved, one's performance related to that goal is interrupted."

(keep your chin closed.)

"A similar effect is seen in the performances that will be realized immediately and realized a week later."

(The expected realization date of the target does not matter much.)
"The fact that others know the target can create an unnecessary and timeless feeling of satisfaction as if it had reached the goal."

(Wait for the job to finish, to be praised and appreciated.)
As can be easily understood, it is a very reasonable choice to hide a job from a job to a result. shut up, focus on your work and keep the praise after success.
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