Life in corals: Maldives

Maldives is one of the flatest countries in the world, spread over the coral islands that have been formed in the Indian Ocean over millions of years. Its highest point does not even reach three meters. We present a panorama of this turquoise world, where the warming world and rising water levels are the hottest agenda item.
The pier where the boat approaches, is on the shore of a square. On the illuminated screen, which completely covers the face of a tall building facing the square, there is an image of an athlete standing on the rope at the arrival line. He writes "congratulations" in English. The athlete's name is Hassan Saaid. The photo was taken at the South Asian Games in December 2019. The Maldivian athlete finished the first 100 meters with a grade of 10.49 and won the gold medal. This is the first gold medal won by the Maldives in the 35-year history of the South Asian Games.
Maldives consists of 1190 coral islands formed around 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean.
The place where the square with the giant photograph of Saaid is located, is a capital with the four letters from left to right, the capital of the Maldives. Correct answer; Male.
This city, pronounced as "Maleey", is actually a tiny island where you can travel around without having to breathe for two hours with a brisk walk. The area is small, the streets are narrow and almost everywhere is covered with buildings built in an adjacent order. The two most abundant things here are people and motorcycles. Adding cars and remarkable extra vans to it creates a mobility resembling an anthill. According to a widespread humor, Male is the smallest capital in the world. Its area is approximately 2 square kilometers and about 120 thousand people live. The total population of the country is around 370 thousand.
The skeleton of the 11-meter-long whale is on display at the ecology center on Kuramathi Island.
When he heard that the entire Maldives has a surface area of 90 thousand square kilometers, one might think that it is not a very small country. For example, if we compare it, the surface area of Portugal is 92 thousand square kilometers. However, there is a fine detail of the work; When you remove the sea from this area, the remaining 300 square kilometers of land remains. In other words, almost 99 percent of the country is sea. The total number of islands that make up the country is 1190 and only 200 of them live. Nearly 100 candidates are used for touristic purposes and are operated by international tourism companies.
Ibrahim Nasir Airport, which provides the connection of the Maldives with the world, is located on another island just below the capital Male. After the monarchy was terminated in 1968, very few tourists who entered the country from the airport, which was named after the first president who took over the election and was expected to take a long time to land, visit Male. Almost all of the visitors are transferred to the island where they will spend their holidays by boats or sea planes. Because those who travel around the unplanned unplanned world with their backpacks on their backs, the chances of falling to the Maldives are almost zero. This is mostly the place for those who have already planned their vacation and are looking for an almost hourly holiday.
Transportation to distant islands is provided by sea planes from the capital, Male.
June 13th, 1969 days newspapers in Turkey, Anadolu Agency had given place to a news sourced and originated in Male. Accordingly, the Maldives government has developed an interesting idea to introduce the country to the world and attract tourists: to organize a government coup for tourists. The title is as follows: "Revolution is made for tourists in the Maldives Islands." The agency says, "The Maldive government has decided to hold a so-called government coup for tourists looking for excitement." The government has informed the world's leading travel agencies that they can organize these organizations for over one hundred people, and even accept a certain amount of bloodshed. Is it a tourist blow? Unfortunately there is no information about this in the archives. But even though Male has occasionally experienced such turmoil in the recent political history of the Maldives, these turmoil has remained far beyond the interests of tourists. On February 17, 2012, opponents of the regime and supporters of the regime intertwined on the tiny island and could not see their eyes from gas bombs, but the tourists who landed at the airport under the cape of the capital that day did not even know about these conflicts.
In fact, tourists are at a rightful point. Those who come to this beautiful country, which will compel people to use the most stereotypical touristic term like "heaven on earth", do not spend time in Male and rightly head towards other islands. In the meantime, let's remind that there are prohibitions in Male, such as women not wearing bikinis, men not wearing slip swimsuits and not hugging each other sincerely in the streets. But all this aside, Male is a very interesting place. That mobility that never stops at first. The fish market where fishes from the lined boats, hunted in the fertile waters of the Indian Ocean, are sold ... Narrow streets where you can not get lost and return to the starting point, no matter how hard you try, there is also a National Museum and traditional teahouses. In the National Museum, you can see the first rifle used against the Portuguese, who once ruled here, the sultans' special belongings and archaeological finds from the monarchy period.
The people of Maldives are friendly. Moreover, when you say "hello" to anybody, you can get a response with a smiling "marhabaa". And when you come across expensive sports cars parked on the side of the road, people wonder in the middle of this motorcyclist who pays so much for these cars, and in the middle of this turmoil, the meaning of traveling with that car on this tiny island.
Almost all of the Maldives people are Muslims. They preferred Islam by being influenced by Arab merchants who came here in the 1100s. In the country, which is governed by the presidential system, a mixed legal system is being implemented, a mixture of British civil law and sharia law. Religion has an important place in life. One of the most remarkable buildings of Male is the Islamic Center, built in 1984 with a dome of gold. Here, there is a mosque of 5 thousand people, a library and the halls used for various meetings. Women are largely dressed in hijab, but they are not out of everyday life, they are completely inside, and the headscarf is not a necessity even for public officials. For this reason, it is possible that you may come across female cops who have light hair and lipstick on their lips.
And now it may come to explore other islands. In 1965, he created the world when the great echo in Turkey Sadun Boro's trip to the Indian Ocean, the Maldives have gone exactly the way while negotiating. In his famous book, "Pupa Yelken", which he describes about this trip, Boro writes: Those in the north of the 8th latitude are called Laccadive, and those in the south are called the Maldive Archipelago. ”
In his travel, Boro also gives information about the coral islands: “Barrier-reef) turns coral reefs like a ring. These rocks are sometimes very close to the beach, and in some places, around the island, like a natural breakwater, 2-3 miles open. The water, called the lagoon, between the shore and among them, is calm like a lake. Coral reefs sometimes give shallow and sometimes deep passages in various places. ”

Afterwards, “sometimes” says Boro, “without an island, the coral reefs turn the lagoon (lake) around in the middle into a thin strip. These rocks are sometimes at water level, sometimes a little higher, at most one or two meters altitude. Coral cells form small single-celled creatures called "polyp" that live on top of each other. Over time, the corals in the water die and become sand, and only the coconut tree grows on it. The width of this strip of sand can be several hundred meters. Just as there are small atolls one or two miles long, there are also big ones with a length of 25-30 miles in the lagoon. ”
For those working in the service industry on Mirihi Island, football is the main event to be held at leisure.

Maldives consists of 1190 coral islands formed around 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean. Male is located at the central point of these atolls. When Sadun Boro passed through his boat, the Maldives struggled to survive in this paradise and put their country on their agenda. Fish and other seafood are abundant. And coconut. But they had to buy everything else outside. As Boro has stated in his book, life was very difficult for those who live on these islands, which have an impressive beauty for the foreigners. They had to store rainwater for drinking water. Because there were no other fresh water sources.
Reached by a 10-minute boat ride from the airport, Krumba bears the title of "the first island opened to tourism" 49 years ago in the Maldives. Its proximity to the airport allows you to see how many planes land and take off from around the world for 24 hours. Cargo ships carrying goods to the capital are never missing from the fund. The fact that Krumba is so close to Male is an advantage not found in other islands in terms of settling in your room as soon as possible after a long flight.
Small sharks are found in the coastal part of the Maldives Islands, but this is a non-aggressive species; There are no tourist cases that have been attacked by sharks in the country's tourism history.

The meaning of Kurumba is “coconut”. The island, as the name suggests, is covered with coconut trees. In a place where there wasn't even drinking water once, there are now two outdoor swimming pools. "Have you come to this island with white beaches and enter the pool?" You might say. But tourists can prefer the pool. As soon as you step into the island, half the joke is said to be "seriously afraid of sharks, not coconuts", there are many people who have not come to the sea because they can not overcome shark fear. "Who is not afraid of shark?" You might also ask, but sharks in this part of the world are generally not small and aggressive. They are even more afraid of people. As a matter of fact, a tourist case that has been attacked by sharks in the history of Maldives has not been found yet. Even though it is constantly checked, you are more likely to be injured by a coconut falling on your head.

According to some, there will be no country called Maldives on earth in a period of 50 to 100 years. Although there are people who complain that the waters are noticeably rising on the island where they live, not everyone in the Maldives agrees. It is possible to meet many people who do not believe that the country will be buried. After all, it is the coral islands that make up the Maldives. So actually, the place you press is not the soil you know.

Fragments of a living organism, corals and crumbling sea shells that have formed and continue to form over millions of years. The secret of the white beaches with a color that people have difficulty believing lies here. And some believe that the islands will never be flooded as the formation continues.

The managers of the Maldives are not so comfortable. The previous president, Mohamed Nasheed, who is currently in exile due to his signature on some unlawful decisions during his administration, held one of the cabinet meetings underwater in 2009 to dress attention to the effects of global warming and took a major place in the world agenda. Nasheed also asked for help from the then US president, Barack Obama. On all these developments, the Australian government has announced that it has already given asylum to the people of the Maldives, who are said to be the first climate refugees of the future.
Last December, this time, Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid voiced concerns that they will be the first victims of global climate change in a statement to international agencies and urged the international public to help. According to Shahid's information, the Maldives, which has spent $ 10 billion to take urgent measures, needs another $ 14 billion to build protection walls around endangered islands.

Kuramathi's distance from the airport is 56 kilometers and there are two options to reach this island. You will either take a 25-minute seaplane ride, or take a cruise that takes 1.5 hours at sea by speed boat. The opening of the Kuramathi as a tourism island, although not as old as the institution, dates back to 1975. It took 12 hours to reach here with traditional boats at that time when seaplanes and high speed boats were not on the agenda yet. Until recently, Kuramathi was a candidate preferred by Hollywood, or well-known athletes, especially in the show business and footballers. Even if it is not as much as you used to, you still have the chance to meet a world star here. For example, in the '80s "Knight Rider" series with David Hasselhoff is also very well known in Turkey are keen to come at the beginning of this island. It may not mean much to the younger generation. However, the presence of Hasselhoff gains meaning when the tourists of the middle age belonging to 80 generations who have made it a tradition to spend a holiday here for many years.

Kuramathi is a thin long island about two kilometers long. In the middle of the ocean, a holiday resort designed with fine calculations from start to finish. The people working on this island for years emphasize that the biggest change in customer expectations and behavior in recent years is the internet. Even if you turn the camera of your mobile phone randomly and touch the screen, everyone is now looking for Instagram frame from one end of the island to the other.

As with all islands, the most important problem here is to find fresh water. For this, there is a facility on the island that purifies the ocean water and turns it into fresh water. Maybe hard to believe, but millions of liters of water are used every day. Garbage is the most important issue not only of the touristic islands but also of the Maldives. They found the cure by separating some islands into garbage. The garbage of the whole country is burned and destroyed in these islands.

It was 1857 when Robert Michael Ballantyne wrote the "Atoll Island". In the novel, where seafaring is synonymous with adventurousness, when sailboats rule in the oceans, the biggest dream of our hero is to see a coral island where colorful birds fly over, fish in the waters of various kinds of fish, and coconut and thousands of tropical fruits grow. In the end, he ends up stranded and trapped on a deserted coral island. This is exactly the effect of Mirihi.
Mirihi, beautified by evening lights, is a small and lonely coral island in the middle of the ocean.

The distance to the airport is 86 kilometers. After about 40 minutes of seaplane journey, you arrive at one of the smallest islands in the country, in the middle of the ocean. Unlike other islands, Mirihi gives you all the comforts without "hitting".
The first thing to do when you step into this deserted island, which will take no more than 10 minutes to reach from one end to another, is getting rid of shoes. You do not think of wearing it again until you are on your way back. Mirihi is a strange experience outside of the usual Maldivian holidays. It is shocking to see the horizon at a 360 degree angle. And the sky is like a dome in the real sense of the word on you. Dolphins jumping at the sea screaming, or whale-sharks that are common in this area. It is said that eye-catching in the ocean creates a lasting feeling for man. You don't have to be afraid if it happens because they're not carnivores. And your mind is questioning: If this place was not a resort but a deserted island, would I really prefer to stay for many years?
What and what should you not take with you on your way to Maldives? How to get to the Maldives? When to go to the Maldives? How should the accommodation be in the Maldives? Here is the answer to all questions…

What You Should Take With You
Note that the Maldives has an average temperature of 30 degrees. So you will need plenty of shirts, shorts and slippers. Sunglasses, sunscreen oil with abundant protection factors are indispensable for this trip. Do not forget that coral reefs are hard and sharp, so a sea shoe can be very useful for you. Get an underwater camera or borrow it if you don't have it before you go. Make sure it will work for you. Although the pallet is provided free of charge to you in every hotel where you stay snorkeling, do not forget to add it to your suitcase if you have the meticulousness of “not using anyone else than mine”.

What You Should Not Take With You
Alcoholic beverages in the first place. Because it will be confiscated to be returned to the country upon departure. Apart from that, it is forbidden to bring pig products, pets, pornographic broadcasts and symbols of all religious beliefs other than Islam.

When to Go to the Maldives?
Relatively cheap season from May to November. Because you are likely to coincide with the rain. However, it is not a rain that you can not even take your nose out of your room. Sometimes the taste of a tropical rain in hot weather may be different. If you say it's a completely dry season, you should choose between December and April, which means that prices will go up.
Prefer Full Pension
Don't worry about price differences between half board and full board. Because you are in a place where it is not possible to save the day by shooting something from outside the hotel. You can pay a more fluffy bill when you are looking to behave economically. Even the money you give to water alone can hold a huge sum.

Never Walk Without a T-Shirt
It is useful to keep your t-shirt on you even when entering the sea. Especially if you are fair skinned, you will poison your holiday with incredible sun burns.

Don't Bring Coral or Shell With You
As a souvenir from the country, trying to remove a piece of coral and a shell may cause you to pay serious fines. If you want a lot, you can find what you are looking for in hotels or gift shops in Male. The document they will give you during the sale will prevent you from having problems at the airport.


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