An Introductory Guide for Beginners Who Want to Make Animated Film

Information that can help if you want to make your stories on the animation movie plane. Which program to choose, what resources to use? Here you are.
If you want to animate your stories as a hobby, the first thing you should know is that there is a lot of work in animation, especially in the learning process, this can be very frustrating.

- If you are not going to write an extra pipeline or plugin or something, the software information is not important.

- If you know how to use game engines, you already have some basic issues in general, which can make your job easier.

- I wouldn't say anything about getting help from acquaintances for character / drawing / modeling, but try to do something yourself and try to do something. As a result, the mill does not rotate with transportation water as the old say. Since there is too much detail in the animation business, do not be left halfway because you trust others the next day.
environmental design
Films with good cinematography (such as those of big Kubrick) are the best sources of environmental design. There is no method other than building modeling and assets to be found and objects that you will model (model), first of all, setting up stage in game engines and practicing a lot. Some of the books I can recommend when it comes to light design and light rendering; digital animation bible etc. As can be seen, light design and lighting work are intertwined with cinematography. It is also possible to find many video lessons. Of course, there are much more technical programming and engineering books / conferences / videos especially about light and rendering, but they are unnecessarily heavy at first. It is also very useful to read the lighting sections in the educational books of game engines and modeling programs.

2d / 3d selection
Before you come to which program to use in this process, the main thing you need to decide is: Will you proceed over 2d or 3d? these two are two different disciplines, it is impossible to choose both, so this is the first thing you need to clarify in your mind. especially when making this choice, it is a good idea to think of any drawing / modeling work as if it might come to a day when you have to do it yourself and think which one is more prone to you and your skills.
which program to use?
If you are going to work in 3d animation, there is a blender for free, a program that can run fast and have plenty of lessons. Old versions of sketch up are also free. Apart from that, there are paid alternatives. cinema 4d is preferred by most people because it is easy to use and many features are available even for its standard version (for motion graphic). yeast is preferred especially in the sector with its superiority in keyframe animation. 3ds max is the most used program in the industry, although it is highly praised for modeling, its interface and usage are unnecessarily difficult. Although lightwave 3d is rarely used, it is rooted and stock rendering quality. houdini is a superior choice in many areas, especially in the last years, the procedure-visual visual effect preferred by film and vfx studios, but if you are not using a workstation or at least a very powerful computer, it will haunt you because it needs a very high system. modo is an interface that I personally love and is very easy to use, it always gives grainy results unless the render settings are learned well, it needs high system features. Sketch up is by far the easiest modeling software to use, even someone who doesn't know any modeling can solve the basic modeling job in a few minutes, but modeling methods are very limited, even if you get paid plug-ins to anime and upgrade modeling options, you will never get quality anime like other options. and modeling you cannot succeed.

If you are going to go through 2d animation, there is opentoonz which is free. Apart from that, the best of the toll choices is toon boom studio. Of course, there are many different programs according to the 2d style you choose.

which program you should choose is a question like "which car should I buy?" It differs from person to person, from situation to situation. a program that is ideal for me may be counterproductive for you and so on. Likewise, the power of the system you will use the program determines your preferences such as your operating system. Here, the best method is to find the most suitable one by using trial versions. nobody knows which one is best for you.
I can never recommend investing in this job with a civil servant salary
Do not spend large expenses for a request that you do not even know if it is suitable for you, especially in an environment where economic conditions are becoming more and more uncertain. Setting up a mocap system with kinect is a very important thing to consider. First of all, it is better to get help from mixamo and free mocap databases. Actually, the most correct approach is practice with the characters you will find ready in the game engines (makehuman, mixamo poser etc.) for at least six months using either free mocap files or animating keyframes. In this process, create very primitive animation experiments by creating scenes with the effects of engines like fog, rain, wind, snow, summer sun, terrain generator, and free ready-made objects in the market place, buildings and other things. never mind the stories in your mind during this process. first try to get simple results from the materials at hand. Of course, the results will look very amateur and evil, but in this process you will understand and experience whether the animation hobby appeals to you. If you still continue with the same enthusiasm and enthusiasm at the end of 6 months, then you will move the business to the next level with little spending.

Also, remember that if your only goal is to tell a story, you have alternatives other than animation.
Methods such as making short films, writing books, preparing a radio theater are an easier and painless way of telling stories. If visual expression seems to be the only way to tell your story and your visual perception is at the forefront, then animation is a better choice. For example, some people share short animations on social media with their phone once in a while. when you watch those animations, you can see that the person's visual perception is very strong and he finds the way of telling his story through the images. As for that writer, visual expression is an indispensable method for people. In short, it is normal to shoot the animation drudgery for visualist people who cannot stop without drawing something, but it can be corrosive for others ...


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