Wondering about Tarantulas

The spider species tarantula, which people generally fear a lot because of their scary appearance and poisonousness, is actually not that scary creature.
tarantula is actually the common name used for all spiders belonging to theraphosidae family. Theraphosidae, on the other hand, is of ancient Greek origin and means monster, wild creature. today it has found its equivalent in the form of a bird spider in many European languages. this name comes from a bird-eating spider pictured by the german painter maria sibylla merian who lived in the 18th century during a trip to south america. Theraphosidae family is still called the bird spider (vogelspinne) in German-speaking countries. Of course, birds are the last in the diet of tarantulas, and they hunt prey by chance in difficult times.
The severity of poisons varies according to their types. For example, in the species belonging to the species of brachypelma and grammostola, the venom power is low, whereas in individuals of the poecilotheria genus, this poison is quite strong. In this, the excess amount of neurotoxin in poison is effective. While low poison only lasting pains and numbness are observed, when you are bitten by a poecilotheria, you can travel for 3-5 days with a neurotoxin effect besides a terrifying pain, bruising and numbness.
however, contrary to popular belief, there is no poison that causes death - if you do not have energy. These animals, which are portrayed as monsters in various movies, are actually extremely naive. It is even very funny that the type shown as a monster in the 1955 film "tarantula" is actually "brachypelma smithi" and it is the calmest type of tarantula. Personally, I can easily take it in my hand and move it around my arm.
Tarantula is a cute or cute animal that is included in the arthropod branch. their teeth are large and very sharp but not very strong because, unlike what is believed, they do not disintegrate their prey, like other spiders, they dissolve the internal organs of their prey by enzymes they give from their teeth.

They live almost everywhere in the world except Australia and the poles. they like humid environments. There are 3 types known in the turkey. these are chaetopelma olivaceum, chaetopelma concolor and chaetopelma altugkadirorum. It is extremely easy to feed because they are not very picky about food and can withstand hunger for a long time.
they can get angry and attack when their legs are touched, but other than that, they are very docile. They are shy except for the environments they are used to, and they usually do not leave until they get to a corner and get to know the new environment they are in.
Contrary to its image and appearance, the tarantulas are extremely easy going and easy to maintain. There is no need for a terrarium of 30 * 30 * 30 dimensions, a cave where it can be stored, peat soil to the ground and a water container. Apart from these, the insects that you will give a few times a week are enough for your tarantula to live a happy life.

Over 1000 different species have been discovered so far. the characteristics, behavior and images of each are different. It is generally defensive except for 3-5 aggressive and aggressive species. in case of danger, he prefers to escape. that famous venom is no different from bee stings. that is, if you do not have an allergic condition, the tarantula bite is never deadly.
They are divided into tree, shrub, ground, tunnel types. species of trees and shrubs catch their prey by trapping the net, the ground types look at everything that moves on the ground through the eyes of the prey, the tunnel types live in the deep pits (tunnel) that they dig and come out from the ground only for hunting (usually at night).

Although it is very easy to maintain, it is still necessary to have prior knowledge to feed these creatures. Most tarantula deaths occur when changing skin. tarantulas shell out certain seasons of the year. this phase takes a few days. They lie on their backs by taking the ex position, and they never move until they peel. When many unconscious carers saw this situation, they believed that the living creature they were looking at had died and actually caused the death of the extremely healthy tarantulan. There should be no intervention other than increasing the humidity of the living area while laying the crust.

One of the unique tarantula types for collectors, and even the most popular, is poecilotheria metallica. It is sold very rarely and at exorbitant prices due to its beautiful colors.
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