Why was the word "Socialist" in the name of Hitler's party, despite being a dark fascist?

The long name of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party, which rose to power, was the National Socialist German Workers' Party. The policies implemented by the party during the ruling are exemplary, but the opposite of socialism. The dictionary writer "mr know it all" explains this situation and explains why there are such contrasts in the left view.
It is possible to say that the idea of ​​socialism is a tool for hitler who swear at Marxism at every opportunity.
The party's socialist wing (salar, goebbels, etc.) had committed to subverting the bourgeois for the lower classes, promising that foreign debts would not be paid, jobs and bread would be provided to all, while unemployment had risen after the crisis. While the votes of the hits exploded after the 30 'election, the communists who used similar discourses also increased. While targeting power, hitler pursued the goal of turning to bourgeois for partnership, his first job was to liquidate the anti-Semitic, nationalist but anti-capitalist officers and forces in the salar. He liquidated or murdered those who entangled "working class politics" in the language, such as ernest röhm and gregor strasser, who led the pub riot.

Hitler strengthened his relations with the bourgeoisie, while killing socialists he could not draw with him. mine owners, steel trusts, industrialists, bank owners, insurance companies have become financial and moral support for hitler.
After Hitler took power, hard times began for social democrats and communists.
newspapers were collected, meetings and buildings were published. their assets were confiscated. many communist executions were tried by fabricated cases, false witnesses. Hitler, who declared May 1 as a national holiday, subsequently threw all union leaders into the concentration camp. collective agreements were banned, all contracts would be determined by the people the Nazi party would appoint. The bourgeois had played the right horse! The May 1 speech of Robert Ley, who was tasked with establishing the German workers' front, was the opposite of what happened;

"Workers! Your institutions are sacred to a national socialist. I am a poor peasant child and I know what poverty means. I know how anonymous capitalism is exploited. Workers! I promise you, we will not only protect what is available. we'll take it further! "
Nevertheless, the "socialist wing of the Nazis not exempt from nationalism, anti-Semitism" emphasized the need for a second dispute that would nationalize industry and remove property on land.
so profit could be shared equally. many unemployed unions intend to become the engine of the second revolution. Hitler aimed to strengthen his capitalist power by turning to the generals and reducing the power of the salar. The law enforcement force of the government had completed its time, nearly 150 senior sa leaders were shot in the lead, and the age of the generals began with the emphasis on "equal armament" with the first international negotiations. In the new age, the essence of socialism and anti-capitalism was not read.

As such, it is impossible to try to match national socialism with Marxism and to consider it as different practices of the same political attitude. however, the collapse of the soviets can be shown as the left projection of the phenomenon of dolchstosslegen in which every defeated ideology takes refuge. Indeed, did not both collapse because of internal forces, agents, counter-revolutionaries? Unfortunately, the efforts of the others to get out of the plague are the same in every ideology.
The other day, we were discussing with a friend who had some ideological differences between us and why the left was divided into so many factions. our conclusion is that; It is more correct to distinguish between thick lines by making a unity by using the similarities as an excuse. I should not be disturbed by this. example; On the one hand, Marxism, which says that the emancipation of the working class will be its own work, on the other hand, Nazism, which reinforces and seizes power with law enforcement and industrial bosses! It is more appropriate to emphasize the main contradiction rather than establishing a partnership and starting a similar discourse. Thus, it is possible to stand out from the left traditions in the left-wing understanding of substituting other classes for the working class.

huh, mussolli's full name is benito amilcare andrea mussolini. his father is a strict communist. He carefully chose the names, compiled from one of his leaders in the Mexican uprising, Benito juarez, anarchist amicare caprini, a socialist figure, Andrea Costa. Come on, the result is obvious. This type of romantic symbolic delirium doesn't matter. the biggest proof.
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