Why shouldn't we consume the charge of Smartphones to the end?

A great advice to extend the battery life of your smartphone.
because smartphones have lithium batteries instead of nickel batteries, unlike old phones; consuming the charge to the end is a wrong move
Let me explain:

"Fill the charge and run to the end" in the information such as "ways to keep the battery life long", "how to keep the phone healthy" on the internet, is all true. Yes, it is true.

But, look, there's work.

that information was for nickel phone batteries. Until recent years, phones had nickel batteries, but things changed, especially with the smartphone boom and the need for more charging.
Currently, smartphones have lithium batteries. lithium is a different technology. nickel is dangerous compared to batteries (for example, it can explode if it gets air) (like note 7) .. but it holds more charge capacity. For this reason, lithium batteries are now used, ignoring the risk of danger.

nickel battery likes to discharge to the end.
lithium battery likes full.
There was an experiment on this issue. let me summarize for now
Lithium batteries, which are kept above 40% for 1 year, lose up to 10% capacity.
Lithium batteries, which are kept under 40% for a year, lose up to 35% of capacity.

Also, if you run out of lithium battery to the end, it won't work again. If it really goes down to 0%, it won't work again. That's why smartphones actually show you a little (about 2%) still a little charged (0%) and they turn off. If he was already fully discharged, he couldn't even get the "plug me in charge" warning on the screen when he pressed.

some puts finishing in the head and pushes the power button of the device until they do not even see the "plug in" warning displayed on the screen. There have been people trying to do this at hardware haber. then they joined the masses in the forums saying "I have completely finished the battery of the phone. you don't.
Now you know, there is the "charge cycle" event. let's say "500 charge cycles" on batteries. which most phones are now
If the battery in the device is nickel battery, if you charge it from 100% to 90%, it would be considered as 1 charge cycle. the rest of it would have been wasted ... the battery life would be reduced. so they advise rightly to finish it to the end.

but new generation lithiums are not like that. if you first download it to 50% and fill it again. then if you lower it back to 50% and fill it again, you only complete 1 charge cycle. or down to 60%, recharge the charge, then down to 40%, but 1 cycle is complete.
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