Why is it theoretically impossible to travel in time?

Yes, we all want to see the wild west, look at dinosaurs and more like crazy, but unfortunately this does not seem possible. Maybe it sounds sweet to us because it's impossible?
traveling in time is something that is seriously impossible
(actually there is a way, though not literally)

what we call time is a computational tool, doing the calculations, in short, is something that is made up to predict the next phase. Actually, time works like this.

If I am going with 50 m / s, it means that I will move fifty meters when my watch makes a click, there is no universal second, it actually changes from hour to hour.

currently the second is taken as the time until the light travels 2.99 * 10 ^ 8 (approx.) meters. So when I say "I went to 50 m / s", I mean that I will have gone 50 meters when the light from a light source is 50 * 2.99 * 10 ^ 8 meters.

when we say the speed of light, some strange situations arise yes. the speed of light does not change at all, you will find the same thing if you measure the speed of the light outside while you travel at a certain speed. your speed is not calculated as + - the speed of light, the basis of relativity lies here, but "why is everything not so, the speed of light?" if you ask:

light is actually the rate of energy transfer from one substance to another. so what is energy? According to feynman, it is a constant quantity that corresponds to the same units in certain situations that we can hardly define. physicists call it "energy." Currently, energy is thought to be carried by photons, and photon speed is used as the speed of light.
Now, when we look at it, a substance needs to get energy to accelerate, the photons must reach it to get energy, the photons will have difficulty reaching it as the matter accelerates, they will not catch up when the speed of light reaches, and the matter will lose energy and slow down. then you can get energy again and accelerate (even if you do newton physics, do relativity physics (relativity, einstein physics), this is only the energy loss rate of matter in relativity physics). therefore, if no substance wants it, it cannot exceed the speed of light, whether it be an inter-galactic super natural science fiction matter.

Even if we leave the photons aside, the speed of light is the universal energy transfer rate, and when you measure the speed of light outside, you actually measure the energy transfer rate between the two detectors there, so it is normal that the speed does not change.

so time travel is fictitious. Some theoretical physicists put forward some theories for fun, and they make it possible on paper in a variety of conditions.
but the old times can be reached as follows
If you put your own molecular structure steady by spending energy that you cannot imagine, and you just put all the molecules of the world in its exact position in the year-old how many years you want to go (note that you will remove the shit of the total entropy of the universe), you will create the same environment in the world and you will find the past as you wish. you change it (if the location of even the smallest particles is in their place at that time, you would observe the same trend).

But of course where you will find that much energy, the technique that can handle it, and how you can handle tons of glitches, is a different matter.
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