Why Is Göbeklitepe Important Even The Pyramids?

What made Göbeklitepe interesting enough to reprint human history and make it as important as the Egyptian Pyramids?
Before the Greek mythological gods, hittites and sumerians, even the famous Egyptian gods, people living in what we now call Anatolian developed religious beliefs. the center of this religion was the place called gobeklitepe in the east of sanliurfa. ancient Anatolian lands hosted many communities and cultures not only today but thousands of years ago.

In 1995, the German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt discovered an ancient temple near Sanliurfa. As a result of the tests, it was understood that the building was built approximately 12 thousand years ago. Göbeklitepe was by far the oldest built building in human history. this discovery was the most important archaeological discovery of modern time. this discovery also had contradictions with the science of history and archeology, and scientists had to look here and think by scratching their heads.
Before moving on to why Göbeklitepe is so important, it is necessary to talk about its interesting discovery story. In 1986, the uncle of Mahmut Yıldız, the owner of the Göbeklitepe land, came across a big stone while driving the dawn star field. however, the museum director of that period, who was a history teacher, said that the stone was an ordinary limestone and had no value.
the stone was then removed into the museum's warehouse and was ignored by nobody for years. By the year 1992, the German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt, who was digging in the ancient city Nevori Çori, which is now under the water of Ataturk Dam, thought that it might be valuable in the museum and made tests to find out the age of the stone. Realizing that the stone belongs to about 12 thousand years ago, Klaus Schmidt immediately started the Göbeklitepe excavations, which will sign one of the most important archaeological discoveries in history, with the necessary permissions. Mahmut Yıldız, the owner of the field, has been helping excavations since then and guiding history enthusiasts who come to see the excavation.
The archaeologist Klaus Schmidt, who led the Göbeklitepe to the sunlight and conducted the excavation for 20 years, died in 2014 as a result of a heart attack.

So what is this Göbeklitepe?

Göbeklitepe is built side by side and can be considered as temples and gathering area spread over an area of 20 football fields. The chambers that make up the structure consist of one-piece stones, which are built in a circle and placed between the walls built with stone, whose heights vary between 3 and 6 meters. Many of these stones are decorated with human and animal figures. In addition, the weight of the stones that make up the rooms were up to 60 tons and these stones carried a roof over them.
Simple engineering and architectural knowledge was necessary to move such heavy stones and position them at the right angle. that is, the people who built Göbeklitepe thousands of years ago were the first architects, sculptors and engineers in history and also had technical knowledge far beyond the age they lived.

In the past 25 years, only 4 of the 20 sections that make up the Göbeklitepe have been removed, and for the whole to be removed, a long period of excavation is required.

So what makes Göbeklitepe so important?
One of the things that make Göbeklitepe such an important discovery is that its construction dates back to very old times. The construction date of the temple dates back 12 thousand years, that is, 10 thousand years ago. It was built very close to the end of the stone age and the ice age. Göbeklitepe is 7000 years older than the famous stonehenge in England, the oldest known human work, and 7500 years older than the Egyptian pyramids, one of the most important works of human history. even the distance of the Egyptian pyramids to the present day is less than the distance from Göbeklitepe. it also dates back 6,000 years, even from the Sumerians, the first civilization in history to find the article.

The fact that Göbeklitepe was built this long ago makes it more important than any other ancient building. For example, when the pyramids were built, mankind was in the bronze age and could make tools from metal, it was much easier to build anything thanks to these metal tools. moreover, the Egyptians were farming and had settled down, meaning they had no problems such as starvation or shelter, so they could think more than survive.
According to the history and archeology sciences, as we know until today, human beings were living by hunting nomadically before moving to settled life, then with the discovery of agriculture, people started to eat the food they produced by cultivating in the fertile lands near the water and settled. After the settled life, they built temples and started organizing religious ceremonies.
however, the people who built Göbeklitepe did not cultivate, they built temples even before agriculture, and were settled, it was always understood that the order of agriculture - settled life - religion was actually wrong. This fact, which emerged with Göbeklitepe, was enough to shake what we know about the science of history and archeology so far. Moreover, if we consider that only 20% of Göbeklitepe has been removed from the soil for now, it may be waiting for us to encounter much more shocking information when all is removed.


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