Why Cuba's Legendary Leader Fidel Castro Wore Two Rolex Watches Simultaneously?

Fidel Castro died yesterday at the age of 90. With his death, the "Rolex" watch subject, which has been spoken many times before, has also been reopened.
the reason for this is based on the landing of 82 pioneers to cuba on 2 December 1956 with a granma boat. fidel distributed rolex to commanders, including che, on the boat. This watch, made of off-road steel, was what they needed most in the sierra maestra mountains. In many photos, che and fidel are seen with a double watch.

In his speech, fidel explains: "At the beginning of the revolution, during the war, we were always using double hours, because our experience has shown that one hour stops. In military-type operations, punctuality is vital. Moreover, when an hour fails, it may take weeks to go to repair. We used double clocks and then I got used to double clocks ”(mid 7 June speech, parque central, regional tunas).
the watch is likely to fall behind, and it's hard to figure out which one is left behind. However, the reason for choosing rolex is not that it is expensive, but because it is solid. very unlikely to fall behind. however, it is very likely to deteriorate in mountain conditions. can be broken, for example. what would they do in this situation? Should they order online? you don't have any luxury. Even sending it for repair is an extraordinary luxury. but if you wear it for two hours, when something happens, you can continue with the other. It is a very rational solution considering the time and conditions.

yes the time ahead is correct. right friends. However, due to the difficulty of the physical conditions, the issue to be considered is not worthy of all. the possibility of deterioration, breakage, stopping.
Even though the ones who use the automatic watch instead of casio will go to work and write a quartz crisis, they will realize how much they are talking chronologically. Then there was another technology other than mechanical (automatic or manual) clock, but I don't have a fidel uncle. Will the man walking on the seat in the mountain with his head in the chair, will he run after luxury or function? Did he go twenty years with the time machine and didn't get the battery-powered clock, the man who was guilty?

Even if the rolex marks are luxurious, the same quartz crisis title can be reached by the middle class before the crisis, while the durable and reliable watches are being made (the rolex is also the flag bearer), the market is filled with cheap japanese watches after the crisis. Read that you have to go down, those who don't go down, either sink, or gather under the swatch group.
By the way, this does not mean, of course, that Rolex was cheaper than water back then. There was not only the current price perception, but buying hours still meant removing a certain amount. The important point here is that our perception of normal clock is used to the prices that cheaper after this quartz crisis. so rolex was cheaper than now, but it was also much cheaper than that, and there was no option at a similar level of reliability (unlike the current situation). Is this luxury for you?

I don't have any words to say to those who say they wear it for two hours. Yhaaa, if someone is three minutes behind, he will know how to tell which one is correct.
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