Why camels don't need so much water?

Camels, despite their climate, are an animal species that can withstand serious thirst compared to other creatures. But are humps because of the camels' resistance to thirst?
The reason for the camel to withstand thirst was not the hump on its back. I knew the camel hump had oil, not water, but I thought it would somehow turn it into water. whereas water was stored in the blood. The red blood cells were elliptical in the form of an American soccer ball, not flat, like human beings, and could hold more water and tolerate more water loss.
While mankind could withstand fluid loss up to 15% of body weight, camels could withstand fluid loss up to 40% of body weight. hörgüç was able to withstand long-term hunger. Another feature is that it can regain the water it lost very quickly. camels could drink 110 liters of water in 13 minutes.


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