When You Realize You Are Dreaming, Dominating the Dream: Lucid Dreaming

You have noticed that you have been dreaming at least once in your life and tried to rule your dream. This event has a name: Lucid Dreaming.
Complete description of Lucid Dreaming
The name given to the fact that the person is aware that he has a dream during sleep and that he can control the events in his dream.

it is an excellent event if you can. it can generally be awakened from sleep during the full (see rem) phase and performed by falling asleep again. you can even continue your dreams from where you left off.

It was scientifically announced by the first Frederick Van Eden.

Things to pay attention
The following are my own experiences only and have no scientific side.

Dangerous side of lucid dreaming is another.

Sometimes things may not go the way you want. For example, you know it is a dream but you do not have control. For those who want to try it first, the best advice I can give is this.
Go to bed early in the evening so wake up before sunrise. Be careful not to be prone (this is very difficult). After you go to sleep, close your eyes and give out the air in your lungs and go to sleep again. you will probably succeed. but still;

1- make sure you are comfortable, so get your bed or something and sleep in a comfortable position
2- The temperature of the room should not be too high or too low
3- most importantly, let the air of the room be clean.

the bad things that can happen (that is what happened to me)

1- When I sleep and try prone;

I was standing on my feet in my room without using my hands in pitch black, it was very hard to breathe.
Because there was a thick layer of fog around me, I was not having difficulty doing any of my movements, my feet were not standing on the ground, but I was very restless, so there was no lightness. Sounds I never understood.
I threw myself in bed.

2- lying on his back but in an extremely hot stuffy environment;

I started to rise slowly towards the ceiling
There were some sounds coming from around, the phone number dialing sounds and a talking woman, but it sounded like she was talking at the switchboard. I started to squeeze as I got to the ceiling, then I immediately woke up.
but what if it is successful?

It is beautiful, but there is something to remember. Astral travel is the other, just to realize that this is just a dream. that is, you cannot prevent some events from developing. subconscious is often dominating your control. that is, you are making choices only among the subconscious options available to you (of course, at the beginning). It is possible to read anything written as usual.

Of course, if the existing thing in your memory is another. (at least I can't read it).
I have a friend studying psychology, he had shown a tool, something like virtual reality glasses.
The system of use is very simple but I could not try.
tool rem catches eye movements and takes action
a faint sound and a red light signal. his voice
brings it a little closer to the awake position. You are suggesting yourself "if I see red light, this is the light of the lucid dreamer instrument" and you enter the event.
when you see the red light in your dream (for example that light may appear to you as a traffic light in your dream)

you understand that you are in a dream. galba.yaylalýyy to deal with a lot of work, i.e. without reading the book or something without doing research, deniye deniye. If you find yourself lying on the bed when you try to drink water or make your toilet, don't be too surprised.

interesting Lucid Dreaming experiences
the fact of being conscious in a virtual world. Access to real-life information makes the event more interesting. various dialogues and unexpected answers can be obtained with people in the dream world

An example that I experienced in the case of lucid dreaming:
If I was awake, the next thing I planned to do in my lucid dream was to ask one of the people I met in my dream about my childhood. one day, when my dream became lucid, I turned a person dressed as a waiter from the road and there was a dialog between us.

I dream: hey you, you represent my subconscious. I'll ask you something
the waitress in my dreams: hop, i'm just a waitress
I'm in my dream: no no, I'm pretty sure, you can't get over me. tell me the events that affected me in my childhood
the waiter in my dreams: he shouldn't be tampering with events so far, he should try to keep it clean and neat after that

In this dream, the subconscious and subconscious sections of my brain went into dialogue and I sent a lesson message to myself.
The event that I could not try and perform last night without going to bed.

namely; I found myself going to a bus station sometime in the night. While walking on the road, I said "I am in a dream" and I was very happy to check. Then I said, "First of all, get a day." I couldn't give birth to the sun (?). I approached a young man waiting at the bus station. I thought, "Anyhow, this guy knows how to do because there is a character in the dream," and I said, "How can I give birth to the sun." I got the response, "Are you kidding, scurgit?" then I saw an egg on the ground. I bent over and bought the egg and an old man said, "There are 100 of those eggs here. If you find them all, the sun will rise." said. I was very sad and woke up. they don't bother anyone so much. When it comes to me why?
The event that I had the honor of tasting the other day after a long time trying.

In my dream, when I went by train, I entered the wrong way, I realized that I should have been further north on the map and I realized that I was dreaming by saying "Why am I using a train?" and I started working for the controlled dream I dreamed of. First of all, I went down the tendon and looked around. I said, let the place stay as it is beautiful, let's take direct action and try to fly. I jumped a few times but failed to fly. I said, "I can't fly to my brain where the physics rules are very well established. I have to try something else." So I took my speed and tried to jump over the arc de triomphein. I did a really good jump, but I stumbled upon the thorns on the arc de triomphe and crashed on the head. I was a little depressed after that and I started walking in the streets of Paris. then I saw a girl and things got out of my control.

I once saw in my dream that I was unintentionally jedi. When I woke up, I tried to get the water bottle on the table with force pull and I was more enjoyable.
muthis fun event.

I soon realized that I was able to fly with the frog-swimming movement and walked around our old neighborhood. Everything was under my control and very funny. I flew into the grocery store and bought the national chocolate wafer. (just guess; it was a red pack) When I wake up in the morning, I animate what I call "oha".


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