What is Oort Cloud, Where is it?

There are no observations or discoveries here. The existence of the generation is entirely based on assumptions that the main basis of these assumptions are long-term comets entering the inner solar system in all directions.
Considering that the nearest star (Alpha Centauri) of the Sun's gravitational effect is active up to half the distance, the Oort Cloud conjecture seems quite consistent.

This assumption also brings with it the idea that close stars can be intertwined and interact with the outer meteor belts like the Oort Cloud in ours. There may be a mutual exchange between Alpha Centauri and a similar formation surrounding it. Again, the stars that the Sun makes a close transition (1-2 light years) during its circulation in the galaxy can create a gravitational effect on this belt and start the comet influx into the Solar System from here.

(*) Astronomy unit (AB) is a distance scale used by astronomers. 1 The EU corresponds to 150 million kilometers, the approximate distance between the Sun and the Earth. The foreigners can also be abbreviated as AU and they write…


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