What is the Difference Between Oat Bran and Wheat Bran?

There are some differences between oat bran and wheat bran.
Oat Bran and Wheat Bran
oat bran is hydrophilic
or more precisely, soluble fiber. this fiber dissolves in the stomach, becomes a gel and slows the emptying of the stomach. In this way, kimus (vomit flowing from the stomach to the intestine) slowly flowing from the pylorus to the duodenum will not be absorbed suddenly and will not cause alimentary hyperglycemia (high blood sugar when you eat something very sugary). I came to mind whiskas wet cat food in jelly. anyways.
there is also hydrophobic or water-insoluble bran, which is wheat bran
Since this dandruff does not dissolve in water, it passes quickly and continues on its own. For those suffering from constipation, this water-insoluble fiber is required.

important note: if you make a mistake like eating dandruff like an animal (don't get it wrong, animal feed is whatever) and / or removing oil from the diet, you may not believe that the petrified fossil you take out in the toilet is an organic compound. if we ignore the blood on it. can I tell if i know?
stay healthy.
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