What Are The Main Things That Blind Creativity?

What blunts creativity? Is it time or man's own psychology? We compiled and collected the answers.
things that blind creativity, not to try and most importantly to give up
There is a concept that Wolfgang Köhler, who advocates cognitive methods in his motives to create, explains it as "insight learning". this concept envisages to be constantly wrapped around the things you want and reach it in an instant. The subject that you have not noticed or researched at first appears in front of you and appears in front of you.
As we are constantly working on a subject, new neuron connections are established in our brain and it is restructured due to the neuroplastic structure of the brain. As you deal with that business, you are developing even if you think that there is no improvement. This is where the concept of "giving up" comes into play. You are sending the command "it does not work, best to give up" on the subject that you think does not work as you are aware, and the creativity ends there. it is possible to apply neuroplasticity to all areas. As a negative concept, obsessions are gained as such, and in a positive sense, information becomes such permanent. so whatever your behavior is, your brain is being restructured accordingly. In short, we can say whatever you do, you will be.

neuroplasticity is a very strange area. In studies on obsession, it has been observed that the type of brain changes and new nerve endings are formed. these connections become stronger as we obsess that thing or that person. it can process up to genes.

So what happens when you can't reach that person and obsess? If you cannot give up, the neurons connections in the outer shell decrease due to stress, you are detached from the outside world and your intelligence level decreases. so excessive stress lowers your iq. because there is a big absence in the limbic system, it is not satisfied.

Köhler proved this by working. closes the monkey in a room and hangs a banana on the top. It also puts chairs, items and sticks in the environment. the monkey does not know what to do at first, it stubbornly reaches the banana, but it cannot reach, then it takes the chair and jumps over it again, but it cannot succeed again. continues to try. because he is hungry and motivated and puts the other item on the chair, again he cannot reach Finally, he places 2 items on top of each other and reaches the banana using the stick.

it means that even if we think it doesn't work, we still have to try to continue to create something.
psychological warfare
man is most brutal to himself. he constantly criticizes himself, he does not like his work in any way, he has a perfectionist mindset. For this reason, he starts to be afraid to share it with his environment, and when the criticism of people who do not understand the art is added, he loses his self-confidence! may even have trouble creating style.

You stand on one side live in turkey, poverty or marginalization internet is definitely not the reason. After trying to create a human, he will manage the money in all kinds, if necessary, he will not buy clothes, but he will never be left to invest tons of money in the paint set. When it comes to what you call the Internet, it is in the hands of the person to use it. Instead of wondering and stalking the lives of others while surfing on social media, he can strive to improve himself in every vacant range he finds by following magazines, drawings, the art of the modern age or certain websites that can inspire creativity. this is the biggest blessing. I don't think there is a concept of time; as long as one wants to improve his art, if necessary, he will eagerly want to spend time for an hour every evening.
produce excuses
Except for the imperatives ... let me tell you, for those who find excuses, no creative action is demanded from you except the country-family with high well-being. It is also not at the height of prosperity. you can only tolerate.

the instability that really dulls creativity if you ask me. you have to create time to create creativity like "do not want" work on a day, week or month. because the space to be creative expects you to transfer it naturally like a reflex. For example, if composition is creativity in guitar, it should be very easy for you to convey your mind. this means stability. the ability is already to evaluate the probability. it is not a sudden output of random dreams from the printer. you build, play, stop, shine.

Final grade
creativity is to connect two things you know in an unfamiliar way. - leo burnett

in that case; we can say to be busy with the same things for a long time:

the same kind of music, the same type of people, the same order house, the same environment, the same thought, the same movie, series, the same dress, the same book, the same newspaper ...

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