What Advantages Can Zebras' Lines Make for Them?

So, in the event that is called evolution, it eventually leads to the development of that living thing in a way to survive. So, what advantage do the zebras' lines provide for themselves, which has survived to the present day? Why do they exist?
It has always been a curious issue what zebra lines do. There are several reasons for this, according to scientists.
lines have been suggested to have a positive effect on camouflage, but the approach of hunters to the animal with the smell rather than the image has weakened this thesis.
lines make a dazzling effect when zebra moves
A group of zebra standing together or moving close together may appear as a mass of vibrating bands, making it difficult for the lion to choose a target.
experiments by different researchers have shown that the lines, including the bloodsucking teak fly and the cattle fly, make fewer flies come in.
In a 2012 experiment in Hungary, it was determined that the models with zebra stripes attracted the least number of cattle flies. these flies come into linearly polarized light, and black and white lines disrupt this pattern. In addition, the frequency of the arrival of flies increases with the increase in the width of the lines, so cattle flies do not come to the narrow striped ones of the three living zebra species.
lines can help keep the zebra cool
On the black lines that absorb light, air can move faster, while on white lines it can move more slowly. This difference can create convection currents around the zebra, allowing the zebra to cool. one study has shown that zebras that live in warmer areas have more lines.
Finally, it is necessary to say that the lines are different in every zebra like fingerprint.
however, there is no evidence that zebras know each other through these lines.


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