Torajiro Yamada: The Japanese Business Man, which has become the Symbol of Turkish-Japanese Friendship

The place of Torajiro Yamada, the Japanese business man who lived between 1866-1957, is very different for Turks.
Torajiro is a symbolic name of the Turkish - Japanese friendship, giving the Ottoman sultan the second Abdulhamid with a samurai suit and samurai sword, which was used in the war between the two great samurai groups in Japan in 1615, teaching Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Torajiro is a Japanese business man born in 1866 in the yamada. The first contact with the Turks begins with the further strengthening of the link between the Ottoman and Japanese states as a result of the collapse of the ertuğrul frigate. After this date, the Japanese start organizing aid campaigns for the families of our martyrs and become one of the names leading these aid campaigns in the country. He came to Istanbul in 1892.
When he came here, the sultan came to the presence of the second Abdulhamit and presented the samurai armor, which was sent to the sultan as a gift by the Japanese emperor. This is a very valuable armor from the 1600s and it is exhibited in the topkapı palace museum today.
he stayed in torajiro yamada, then in istanbul and started to learn turkish culture. it also acts as an honorary consul, developing cultural relations between japan and ottoman. contributing to the development of commercial relations between the two states, the yamada also opened a shop called "shop nakamura" next to the galatasaray high school, where silk, tobacco, porcelain, etc. traded products.

During this period, at the request of the second Abdulhamit, he gave Japanese lessons to the cadets. Among those who took this course is Mustafa Kemal.

In the Torajiro patch, the sultan also gifted the second Abdulhamid a fatherly heirloom samurai sword. this sword is a valuable sword that has been in that family for centuries.

Patch returning to the country in the first world war period still has never cut off contact after the Ottoman Turks and the establishment of the republic of turkey instead has continued to be the most important figures in our relations with the Japanese.
There are two allegations that cannot be proven by official documents related to him, but are often voiced. The first is that when he was in Istanbul, the sultan was a Muslim at the request of the second Abdulhamid and was named "Abdulhalil". The second is that he requested support from Ataturk for the construction of the first mosque in Tokyo, which was built in 1932, and Ataturk also assisted him in the construction of the mosque.
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