Top 20 Turkish Movies , in the 2000s

As in the whole world, we have seen that Turkish cinema developed in the 2000s and gave different types of examples. Let's share a list of personal, but choices you deserve.
Turkish cinema, as far as I know, is one of the three country cinemas that can attract more audiences to its local films compared to foreign films, along with French and Indian cinema. Of course, this statistic is not a success criterion. we've been able to do this thanks to a lot of comedy, among which a few have been successful, and our infamous horror movies, almost none of which have been successful. In the early 2000s, while nearly 10 films were produced every year, most of which are high quality, today we are shooting over 100 and mostly poor quality films. but we also have a lot of dazzling movies among them.

I tried to collect the films that were released in the 2000s and received appreciation in this list (by the way, it deserves a different list since it was a sea before itself since 2000).

20) organize işler (2005)

The pupil of the comedy genre. is an indomitable film that we will not get tired of making deer on the dialogues in the film.

19) sarmaşık (2015)

tolga karaçelik's second feature film. A great movie, in which he raised the bar too much after his first movie blockbuster. Turkish political history could be described so brilliantly in about 100 minutes. a terrific turkey summary of the few men in the world are trapped on a ship.

18) 9 (2002)

Umit unal is a valuable director who tries to do different things in Turkish cinema. Stuck in boring festival and comedy comedy movies, our cinema takes a comfortable breath with the movies it takes. With this film, he managed to create a tense and disturbing atmosphere with the only location shots that we did not come across in our cinema. Progressing in the form of mutual talks, the film is very good at keeping the audience on their toes until the end.

17) korkuyorum anne (2004)

Another masterpiece by reha erdem after a masterpiece like how much money. This is a great movie that also winks from the haff to mainstream cinema before immersing itself in art. Of course, we do not have a word for the films he will shoot from now on.

16) karpuz kabuğundan gemiler yapmak (2004)

The only feature film that the late Ahmet Ahmet Ulucay, who has proven that he is a genius of cinema although he has not received any cinema education, can complete. I'm sure we wouldn't have said much if we said the Turkish cinema nuovo cinema paradise. Meanwhile, I recommend you to watch the master's four-minute short film entitled Exorcism. New orphan directors with horror movies can learn a lot from this four-minute movie.

15) çoğunluk (2010)

seren yüce's first feature film. It was taken at a time when the Kurdish initiative was on the agenda, and perhaps it managed to make a sound with its atmosphere. However, even after many years, the film's story was never outdated. Today, the mertkans are still struggling, and their interruption continues.

14) limonata (2015)

Road cinema was one of the genres that our cinema lacked. we have very few films that can enter this genre. The yellow mersedes and bus films that are the first to get to me are generally. lemonade is a complete road movie. funny, intriguing and dramatic in taste. Ali Atay caught the formula of the genre very well and did a great job.

13) sivas (2014)

The first feature film by kaan publisher, who won the jury special award at the venetian film festival. The harsh story of the lion and the coil dog, who are stuck between being a boy and being a child. It was only as impressive as how the violence against men, which was on the agenda with the murders of women, was laid.

12) beynelmilel (2006)

An example of a great period cinema that salutes to the funny and sad films of Yeşilçam. The film, which bends on each character separately and does not bypass any of its secrets, strikes the face of Süreyya Önder's audience.

11) kış uykusu (2014)

our pupil, our pride of lidar. It is both a local and a universal masterpiece, where the long wait of the nbc has finally come to an end. After the road movie of Yilmaz Guney, it is a nearly perfect film that makes us proud for the second time at the Cannes Film Festival.

10) nefes vatan sağolsun (2009)

It is a great movie that we can not come across for another example in Turkish cinema, which dared to look at the 90s through the eyes of the soldiers at a time when the Kurdish opening was on the agenda. a levent semerci movie that cries with the phone calls of the soldiers, leaves the mouth open with the last scene of the conflict and impresses with its shooting and realism. I don't know where he is or what he is doing, but I wish he could have made other films besides the breath and Mrs. Hanhan.

9) gönül yarası (2005)

I think yavuz turgul's last best movie. Although it is very dramatic, we have not seen this impressive love movie in Turkish cinema for a long time. The story of those who are looking for a third way and who cannot find it, is a disgrace. Every speech made by the characters in the movie is also valuable. Especially, the speech movie that started by saying to the daughter of the master teacher, "I still do not know why I did all this," is enough to shoulder alone.

8) once in Anatolia (2011)

This is a great Anatolian movie, where the NBC managed to strangely influence anyone who watches it. The story of the commissioner, soldier, doctor, prosecutor, that is stuck in roads and places with endless steppe views. We could have witnessed how beautiful we had become, even though blood spilled on us.

7) pardon (2005)

A long legendary comedy classic by Mert Baykal and Ferhan Şensoy. A parody of the turkey stand together most of the lost files.

6) itirazım var (2014)

The famous film of honor celebrity, which is seen as small at first but makes you wow when the movie ends. It is a magnificent film that does not hesitate to put a word on today's political understanding with its imam character, who plays boxing, plays chess, and quotes from Abu Zerr, and progresses without compromising his story in the background.

5) kader (2006)

One of the best films of clever Demirkubuz, shot in the 2000s together with the underground. This is a disturbing film that tells about the seven-minute tirade of the movie innocence, which is now a Turkish cinema classic. The story of the doors that don't close and an obsessive man who can't give up on your love.

4) tepenin ardı (2012)

emin alper's first and best movie for now. a very mature movie for a first. The story of people who are not tired of creating enemies of themselves, prefer watching over the hill rather than looking inside themselves.

3) hacivat ve karagöz neden öldürüldü (2006)

A gift from the skilled hands of ezel akay, who has been experiencing difficulties in filming period films since Yeşilçam. How the Turkish people who have just met Islam and how they have come and gone between the old customs and the religion they accepted are described in the movie very well. It is a modern masterpiece that puts the foundation period of the Ottoman Empire and two cult characters such as hacivat and karagöz on the background, and it comes out with the flow of the forehead from every subject it throws.

2) uzak (2002)

nbc's most special movie for me. Although the films he once shot in Anatolia from his movie are more foursome and technically successful in every sense, the location of the distant movie will always be separate for movie lovers. Even if we had the opportunity to ask him, he would probably choose his distant movie as his favorite movie. because it was his last movie in which he remained innocent in terms of simplicity. From now on, nbc was a well-known, award-winning, big and popular director who had financial resources flowing from everywhere.

1) sonbahar (2008)

I finish my list with Özcan Alper. With his first and best movie for now ... how many films are there that can be so political without a single slogan, be so sad without dramatizing what we are watching, and poetic life in this magnificent view of artvin, which gushes life from all over? "To the beautiful children of impatience, who always pursues dreams ..."


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