The World's Most Intelligent Person Ever, William James Sidis' Frustrated Life

The life story of William James Sidis, who lived between 1898-1944 and who has been described as the smartest person in the world according to many authorities with about 300 IQ, can give very good lessons about the correct use of intelligence.
william james sidis is among the smartest people in the world; According to some, he is the smartest person in the world. Issu is around 300. He was born to a Jewish family who migrated from Russia to the USA.

He was born on April 1, 1898, when he is six months old, he is noticed by his mother that he can say some words. He is said to have ripped out the alphabet when he was 8 months old. Seeing that William is a genius, his mother leaves the doctor and devotes all his time to the wonderful boy. When he was 6 years old, he had already reached a high school student.
She can speak English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, German and Russian before she turns 8. he could calculate on which day a past or future date falls. these superior abilities of the super child make him the center of attention of the media; new york times william james shows sidis on his first pages. Now, everyone in the USA is aware of the super child.

If I am not mistaken, it is not taken to harvard because he did not reach enough emotional maturity even though he won harvard's exams at the age of 9. He reaches the emotional maturity that Harvard considers sufficient at the age of 11 and is taken in the waste. He even lectures harvard professors the same year. After successfully completing his education at harvard, sidis starts studying law when he is 16 years old.
but things don't go as they want. William, a socialist, is arrested and imprisoned by the government on May 1 demonstrations. When his family uses his influence, the prison sentence is translated into another sentence. sidis falls out of the sight of the people, both from the actions he attends and from being an atheist. With its rise, sidis is the center of attention of the media and with its fall, it becomes the center of attention of the media.

he spent the rest of his life away from science; He tried to earn his bread by working in small jobs and died on July 17, 1944. It is said that he found 40 in the last languages ​​of his life. (I mean hoot if you have permission)

william james sidis wasted all hopes. He migrated from this world before he could give what was expected of him. He was not as productive as geniuses such as leonardo da vinci, albert einstein, isaac newton, where he was placed on the same pan, and could not leave important inventions, works, theories behind him. He left only 2-3 books.

Some of these fiasco found their family using sidis as their personal project, and others found journalists who did not leave sidis alone.

Who would have thought that sidis, which was the headline of the new york times just as a child, would not have a ax in the future, but will die without money?

otherwise, you will not say what happened in this life, you will say what I will be,


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