The Work That Divides The Human Into 10 Interrelated Parts: Basic Human Values Theory

When we think about the basic values of human, we convey a study that must be in one corner of your mind.
theory of basic human values, shalom h to examine the basic values of homo sapiens. It is a theory put forward by schwartz.

According to schwartz, the basic human values are as follows
1) security
2) success
3) power
4) hedonism
5) helpfulness
6) self-direction
7) universalism
8) traditionalism
9) stimulation
10) conformism

these values show a relationality among themselves.

figure a
As can be seen, self-direction, hedonism and stimulation are united under the umbrella of openness to change, while benevolence and universalism unite under the umbrella of self-transcendence. While traditionalism, conformism, and security are elements of conservation, success and power are schematized as elements associated with self-development.
Values are not positioned randomly in the circle. each value facilitates the adoption of neighboring values by the same individual. If the angular distance between two random values is represented by a maximum of 180 degrees, it can be said that the adoption of two random values by the same individual will become more difficult as the angular distance between them increases. maybe robert sapolsky, "an open mind is a prerequisite to an open heart." Then he said it right.

Although it is never possible to talk about a 100% reliability rate, it is reasonable to make a prediction about a person's place in the political spectrum by looking at the values that are strong in a person because of their logical basis.
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