The story of Murat's letter to Queen Elizabeth who asked for help from the Ottoman Empire

Did you know that at the time Queen Elizabeth asked the Ottoman for help against the King of Spain who wanted to marry her? It's definitely a good story.
About the 12th sultan of the Ottoman empire, the third murat invited the 1st Queen Elizabeth of England to become a Muslim, and saved the queen from a marriage she did not want, and her name was written as a "virgin queen" in history ...

era is the late 16th century
The most powerful state of the period was the Ottoman empire, and the British were in trouble with the Spanish. Again, during this period, the Ottoman empire was at the top of its competition with Spain.
There is a fight that has always been used in Ottoman foreign policy among the European states: sectarian fight! Protestant English are supported against the Catholic Spanish during this period. Of course, these supports are mutual.

Spain was on the throne at that time, the second philosophy. King Felipe was married to Elizabeth, the half-brother of Elizabeth I, for four years, but this marriage ended when Mary passed away. However, this does not work for King Felipe, because his influence on the British will end. For this reason, the king wants to marry the new queen of England, Elizabeth, namely step-sister. however, elizabeth never wants it and finds the cure for help from the ottoman empire.
1. Elizabeth, by writing a letter to the third Murad, that she was not Catholic but protestant, worshiping the true God who forbade and punish paganism. He says that the protestants are like Muslims and wishes help from the sultan.

The British are so difficult that during this period, ambassadors come from London to Istanbul. All kinds of gifts come to the Sultan and the palace people! such that some of the scholars; "Because the British are protestant, they should be seen as Muslim!" they even say.

Of course, Sokollu Mehmet Pasha is a grand vizier who knows politics very well and wants to keep the British and the French with the Ottoman - Venetian threat against him.

As a result of the traffic of diplomacy, which lasted for a while, the sultan's third murad made a friendship agreement with the British and granted British merchants the right to free trade in the Ottoman lands.
While the correspondence between Elizabeth 1 and the third Murad continues, the sultan also advises the queen to bring a word of martyrdom and become a Muslim, but the queen gently rejects this offer.

Upon these events, the Spaniards set out to land the famous invincible Spanish armada in England. Although this war is essentially an undeclared war, the aim of the Spaniards is to invade England. however, they have forgotten that the third murad promised to help the queen in any threat. For this reason, the Ottoman navy fired harassment shots on Spanish ships and prevented them from passing comfortably. it also caused injuries to the fleet that did not meet the British.
Indeed, as a result of the battles between Britain and Spain, not even a single British ship sank! and so the dreams of the king of spain marrying elizabeth 1. ended.

Queen Elizabeth, who is from the Tudor dynasty, has passed into history as a "virgin queen" because she died without marriage.


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