The first designs of Leonardo da Vinci about tools used today

Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest geniuses in the history of the world, made the first designs of many technological tools used today.

  • machine gun (33-barreled organ)

At the end of the 15th century, the guns were very slow on the battlefields and did not provide the opportunity to shoot fast. Leonardo observed this deficiency very well and designed a weapon with 33 barrels as a solution.

  • flying machine (ornithopter)

It is designed as a 10-meter wooden frame with two wings. A pulley system that controls the wings as a power mechanism has been designed and is supported by a hand crank to increase the energy output. It can take off without the engine mechanism.

  • parachute

According to historical records, the inventor of the parachute seemed to be lenomand, but he also designed the crane parachute 3 centuries before lenomand. he can jump down from height without any injury. " In the 2000s, adrian nichols applied this design and made a jump. it was successful as a result of the trial.

  • autonomous vehicle

As in the case of the parachute, centuries later, da Vinci's drawings were designed by the Italian Museum of Science History.

  • humanoid robot knight

da vinci designed a robot with humanoid automation covered with german-italian medieval armor in 1495. The robot knight, which was able to move with internal mechanisms, could move its head and raise its helmet's shield, except to sit and stand.

  • armored vehicle

Designed as a large circular platform reinforced with metal plates, this vehicle was planned to fit 8 people. In addition, a series of light cannons would be placed inside it and it would provide a 360 degree view angle to the gunner with the help of a hill.

  • portable revolving bridge

Designed for the Duke of Milan, the collapsible and portable bridge has the biggest feature of being able to be used even on large water bodies, so that the troops could cross without slowing down.

  • diving suit

The suit made of leather solved the oxygen problem with the help of a mask. Thanks to a inflatable balloon, the diver could dive deeper into the water or climb to the surface of the water. There was also a urine compartment inside the kit.


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