The event that gives an idea of the great mobility in the universe: The Change of Physics Laws

The laws of physics, which we consider to be strict rules, may also change. Here is a thought-provoking article about this.
To think that the laws of physics have evolved in processes means that the laws have changed and are still changing since the creation of the universe. Of course, it is not possible to see these changes in the lifetime of living things like us. The change that seems to be seen today is everywhere. in living beings, societies, social structures, cosmos, galaxy and stars, brain development, culture etc. we think that it is not subject to relatively physical laws. we see them fixed. so is it really?

Let's take a look at the word of Richard Feynmann: “Physics is the only area that doesn't take into account the possibility of evolution. The laws are what we say. But how did these laws take shape over time? in other words, it can be revealed that they are not always the same laws and that there are historical and evolutionary processes. ”

similarly, dirac and wheeler have their words.

The first serious claim on the subject was made by the theoretical physicist lee smolin in the 1980s.
Smolin said: According to many laws of physics, laws are immutable and consistent. it is therefore reliable and testable because they are consistent. however, all these laws (general relativity, newton physics, quantum physics and others) operate at the sub-system level or scale of the universe. in these scales, they are experimentally tested and successful in an isolated environment (or in laboratories such as cern). These laws of physics, which we know of, are theories of approach to the universe, and some are more inclusive than others. The laws that are put forward as our level of knowledge increases gives more realistic results.

When we apply these laws to the universe at the cosmological level, some problems such as singularity are encountered. That's why the search for a theory like grand unified theory that we call gout is always valid.

Another problem of a universe level law is that it cannot be testable. Why are these laws asked by gottfried wilhelm leibniz? it cannot give an answer to the question as it is. Why we have some laws in our universe, we cannot give an experimental answer to questions that have been chosen. If there is only one example before us, there will never be an adequate explanation. Statistical data determining which principles the selection is made will not be available. In this sense, the idea of ​​multiple universes can explain what different laws and variables are in our universe and our universe, but it is not yet to be tested at the technological level.
we said that a sufficient explanation cannot be made
To do this, there must be other universes where laws were formed at the time of initialization. so there must have been more than one big bang event that chose the laws of nature. The question of how big bangs, or events where laws are chosen, occurs is a question that needs to be asked for a separate item. Therefore, if we assume that there is an ongoing big bang series in the past, we can go before many big bangs, set an arbitrary starting point and follow the law choices for the future. It will be seen that the laws have “developed” logically as they approach the present universe. A logical explanation becomes available if one can observe the laws or big bangs of other universes from the big bang ruins in our universe. If big bang has no history, the choice of laws and initial conditions becomes arbitrary and untested. Why are the cosmological evolution theory also these initial conditions? can give an answer to the question.

On the other hand, if the laws evolve over time, a cosmological theory can be produced that can make refutable predictions.

besides this, according to this cosmological theory, the universe should be affected just like everything else in it. Just as the general relativity law suggests, if an object's mass is affected by any interaction within the universe, it can affect spacetime itself. on the other side
Newton's laws say that time and space are absolute. While absolute space tells objects how to move; The objects in the universe cannot affect space. doesn't this actually contradict Newton's law of action and reaction? Everything in the universe is in a network of relationships, including the universe itself, and they affect each other. Likewise, according to biological evolution, it is influenced by the environment in which living things are located and it can also regulate the environment in which it is located.
Let's come from the logical necessity of the theory to the details of smolin's theory of cosmological evolution
The main hypothesis of this cosmological natural selection is the reproduction of universes by creating new universes in black holes. therefore, our universe was born out of a black hole in another universe. here is a mechanism inspired by population biology.

accordingly, the mechanism of theory explains the following principles:

The parameter space that varies within a population: the mass and size of elementary particles and forces, such as genes in biology, perform this task. these parameters form a kind of configuration space for the laws of nature.

a reproduction mechanism: black holes can carry out this task. quantum gravity eliminates singularities where time begins and ends. it is believed that there are trillions of black holes in the universe. this may correspond to a high growth population.

diversity: natural selection is provided by mutations that occur during reproduction. In this way, the genome of the newborn puppy is different from its parents and diversity is provided. similarly, there are some random changes in law parameters whenever the universe is created. this makes the universes different.

compatibility differences: an individual's compatibility level in biology is a measure of reproductive success. this means that there should be a relationship between black holes and law parameters. that is, black holes are formed according to these parameters.

Ordinary: features shared by most universes also apply to our universe.
After many generations pass through natural selection (universes born with black holes), the parameters in the universe should be located in areas with high productivity. that is, if we change the parameters of an ordinary universe, fewer black holes can occur. this explanation can be explained in terms of creating a universe that does not contain the materials required for the formation of long-lived stars with a parameter change in the standard model. this may explain why the items required for the stars are those items.

One of the methods that can be put forward to refute the theory is the masses of neutron stars. If the universes formed in the black holes and the parameters of the law evolve and develop according to the time and the number of generations passed, this will impose limitations on the properties of the stars that turn into black holes. Similarly, our knowledge that the distribution of matter in the early universe changes very little when moving from one place to another, thanks to the cosmic background radiation, will lead to the formation of a large number of primitive black holes at the beginning of the universe (due to the collapse of dense areas), which will affect the current number of black holes of our universe and its theory. will make it testable. Finally, a common remnant belonging to other big bangs or other big bangler and the big bange belonging to our universe that can be found in the universe after the big bang is that the laws are related to the universes, transferred from generation to generation (from universe to new universe), changing, developing, complexing and having partnerships. evidence can be found.

When we look at our world ecosystem, we see that it and the living things in it are still developing. There is no compatible species that can live forever. there are compatible species for each period. life never reaches balance or ideal, never becomes final. there is always evolution and development. According to this theory, the law parameters seen in universe populations will continue to evolve with the development of universes or the passage of generations.

The hypothesis that the string theory put forward after the 90s may have an infinite number and there may be an infinite number of cosmological constants parallel to this, supports that the universes can also be multiple. In addition, having an ambitious and compatible universe gout (theory of everything) leads us to the following conclusion: the more successful a theory, the more successful it can be. this allows for a wide range of particles and basic forces, which today will be seen to have a large number of particles detected in the standard model. The fact that string theory, which is a candidate for gout, can also be infinite (which is believed to be evidence of that) tells us that we can have a wide array of parameters.

although the theory is not fully testable due to our technological constraints, it can be tested in some ways.


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