The Blue Pavilion: Mysterious Cyprus Structure Specially Designed for Gun Smuggling

He was the first President of the Republic of Cyprus between 1960-1977 and was also the archbishop of the Orthodox Church III. A house built by Makarios's lawyer Paulo Paolides is the Blue Pavilion. We examine this house, which is mentioned as the mysterious structure of Cyprus and protected by soldiers.
a mansion and / or mansion located in the west of cyprus near a settlement named camlibel in the west of cyprus, belonging to an italian origin named gun merchant and / or smuggler pavoulidis, who also served as lawyer of the founding president makarios of the republic of cyprus at the time and / or the house is a blue mansion.

What makes this house special are the legends of the city that are told about it.
The house, which has a magnificent view, sees all of Cyprus, but the house is not visible from anywhere. Even with a helicopter, the house was not visible, its location could not be found. This is what I am most surprised and stuck with. There are escape points and tunnels in different parts of the house. Pavlides who built the house as an architect. then he killed the architect and the workers because they knew the escape points.
each room is combined in another color. It has 13 rooms and 13 bathrooms. There is also an earthquake room. drawn round with paint on the floor at one point in the garden. Your voice echoes when you go into it, but your voice returns to normal when you take a step out of the circle. Both sunrise and sunset can be observed through the windows in the bedroom. The ground of the pool in the garden is made inclined slope.
There are meeting rooms, speech rooms and dining hall. the refectory is very large, there are colorful tables and plates. There are different sculptures in the garden. the vast majority of them are child-themed. The reason for the overuse of children's sculptures is unknown.
These details at home rather than at home were very different and interesting. But it was not in my hand not to be angry when I saw the Turkish citizens who were photographed with 32 beds with their bed, door and chimney as if they boasted of this man. nevertheless, I think everyone who goes to Cyprus should see.
note: the blue mansion is guarded by the soldier. ID is required at the entrance. In addition, it is obligatory to come with a credit or debit card to purchase food / drink from the canteen at the entrance of the house and pay the entrance fee to the blue corner. because it is under military control, cash does not pass.
The ships bringing guns and drugs to this corner, where you can watch everywhere (but not visible from anywhere), signaled with lights when they approached the area because the kiosk did not know the location of the mansion. The Pavilides, who received the signal, sent his men and exchanged them.

There is a stone structure built in its garden, where the pavilides are said to worship. as pavilides are short, this stone structure is quite small, many have to bend down to get inside...
It is true that there is a stone in the middle of an area designed in the form of a tiny amphitheater in the garden that makes your voice echo. but you should stand at a certain angle towards the corner on the stone and the area around the area should not be too full, otherwise it may not echo. indeed, it is a perfect mechanism for a lawyer to practice rhetoric. With your voice coming back, you can feel like in horror movies.

there are thousands of books in the study room, and most are on different topics. The feature of the chair in the study room is that it hardens after it starts to sit, and after about an hour it passes the hardness of the wall. As such, it is said to prevent Pavilides from falling asleep. The feature of the curtain in the same room is that it is soundproofed. indeed, the sounds coming from outside suddenly surprise even when you open the curtain a little.
The children's room, known as the earthquake room in the house, was added to the building later. If you look at the transition part between the two rooms, it is obvious that it was added later. pavilides loved and longed the children, so the child later built a separate room for his guests.

On the other hand, the balance statue in the house would not only fall off in a minor earthquake, but would make an equally heard sound all over the mansion. When the cover under the statue is removed, it can be seen that the statue fell once and pierced the place where it fell.

The only picture of pavilides in the house is also the only picture in the world. In this picture, a portrait of a handsome young man with a fedora on his head, a cigarette burning in his mouth and a wry smile on his face.
Pavilides has two bedrooms in its mansion. In a room, there is a small (palm-like) mirrored ornament that he worships in front of him, showing the back from every angle. The purpose of these different painful mirrors is to make them see any danger coming from behind while worshiping pavilides. In the other bedroom, two beds are combined (instead of a large double bed). the reason for this is that the beds can be easily separated from each other when necessary and can be entered immediately at the back passage. According to the rumor, when the pavilides escaped, it passed through this tunnel, and according to the plan he made before, it made it impossible to understand what side he went to by exploding the bomb in the middle of the tunnel. According to the rumor, he was killed by his friends during a mafia meeting in Italy.
It is rumored that there was a lot of interest in the mansion and garden with the number "13". if I remember correctly; the pool is less than 13 meters 13 cm, the number of rooms is 13, the mansion bird's eye view resembles the number 13, and many things related to the trees in the garden are associated with the number 13.
Although all the door handles open when pressed down, I think it was that of the study room, it has the door handle that opens upside down. only the servant and himself know this.

Thus, when someone who did not know came, he aimed to give him time to defend and / or escape. this brother (paulo pavlidis) is said to be 1.50 tall.
It is rumored that the famous Italian actress Sophia Loren at the time of the night was a guest.
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