The atoms that make up everything are once part of a star

The atoms we have on our face were once in a star in the far corner of the universe. How Does?
In the early days of the universe, only hydrogen and helium atoms were circulating. Where these atoms are denser, gravity has also become stronger. As gravity increased, hydrogen and helium clouds became more dense and the core temperature began to increase. When the central temperatures of these clouds exceeded the threshold of 10 million centigrade degrees, the protons began to unite and an incredible energy was released. With this energy, our star was born.

The stars convert hydrogen into helium in 90% of its life, allowing fusion reactions to produce energy. this process continues until the depletion of hydrogen fuel. heavier elements begin to form this time after the star's hydrogen has run out. then the nucleus collapses when the star running out of fuel lacks a force to withstand its own gravity. The shock waves after this collapse detonate the rest of the star. This explosion causes the necessary elements of life to spread into space. these elements become part of other gas clouds, forming planets. as we live on it right now. it also means that the atoms that make up us and everything around us are formed during a supernova explosion.

Yes, we are a tiny form of life that lives in the entire universe. but more importantly that huge universe is inside us, in our cells, in our atoms. We feel very small when we raise our heads and look at the stars, but in fact we are not. the opposite is huge. because the atoms that make us come from those stars. somehow we have a bond with them.
In that respect, I love your hand.


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