Tea Tree Oil and its Benefits, which people with skin problems call "miracle product"

Those who use tea tree oil cannot finish this product with praise. From acne to vaginal dryness; Tea tree oil and benefits that are good for many problems.
tea tree oil; an oil that removes pimples, acne and dirt on the skin, is good for dandruff and eczema on the scalp, can be useful for gum problems when rinsing with water in the mouth, and has an antibacterial feature with antiseptic feature.

Nine years ago, for 5 years, I had been struggling for 5 years and poured tons of money for treatment. he can

Things to consider when using tea tree oil
- Make sure that this oil, which can also be called "tea tree oil", is in a black glass bottle!

- Also 4 terpinol in content, something like that, make sure that it is 40% and 20% of the terpin (writes on it usually).

- It is essential to wash the face well with mild warm water. (it's important to have a sebamed soap or a cleanser with a pH value of 5.5) to open the pores, the water must be hot.

- It opens your pores in the steam bath you will apply to the face with hot water boiled in a container.
It is better if there are chamomile leaves or dried chamomile in the water, but it has an antibacterial effect. you can even add a few drops of tea tree oil to this steam bath.

- the pores are finally fully opened.Let the cotton from the tea tree oil on which you can clean your face and clean your face without applying pressure. Avoid brute force as the skin is very sensitive. otherwise you will contribute to the distribution and reproduction of acne or acne under the skin.

- It may be more reasonable to clean your face by dropping the tea tree oil into the water in a container (that is, it is better to use it mixed with water, not dry). At the end of the process, wash the face with cold water so that the pores are closed.

those with oily skin
do not dry your face completely. take only the flowing drops with a towel, but the skin remains moist. when the skin suddenly dries, it alarms and produces more oil. if the skin produces a lot of oil, the pores become clogged and pimples more.

buy a cream that does not lubricate the skin excessively. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to this cream and apply it to your face in a thin layer. The purpose is "sufficient lubrication is available, relax!" give the message.

In this way, I got rid of a severe acne period, but of course it may not show the same effect on everyone.

come easy and get well soon.
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