Parasomnia: Physical damage to the unconscious self or the environment in a deep sleep

It is a behavioral disorder that usually starts in childhood and rarely occurs in adulthood. It caused abnormal movements during sleep or sleep transition. So much so that these movements include physical damage.
It is called unconscious movements during sleep, which are the result of illusions of perception in the brain.
This disease is observed in every 84 people who have sleep problems.
This disease often hurts in deep sleep moments.

there are two kinds of parasomnia,
The disease can reach dangerous levels in deep sleep, and the person can unconsciously cause physical harm to himself or to people around him.
In other parasomnia, sleep is mild ineffective in observed heliculations.

In the researches, a person with this disease got up from his night's sleep and after shaking his right leg, he continued his sleep as if he did not have anything after saying ho-ho-ho three times like Santa Claus.
Examples are not always so innocent, of course,
Another patient attempted to strangle her wife with a pillow, another day she chopped between her fingers and continued to sleep as if nothing else.
The most frequent example is talking to sleep and having sexual intercourse with a pillow quilt.
Some of those who suffer from this disease get up and dive into the fridge, binge eating whatever it is, and these plates cannot remember what the pattern it is, it is a matter of discussion whether this situation will be evaluated in the literature under the symptoms of sleep disorder or whether it will go into eating disorder.
There are four rounds of parasomnia:

Nightmare disorder
Sleep terror disorder
Sleepwalking disorder
· Parasomnia not otherwise named
parasomnia was the most dramatic ce $. It is usually the first sign of diseases that devastated the nervous system.
It causes real dreams, panic and involuntary movements of the dreams observed. Severe progressing chronic diseases of the nervous system, such as Parkinson's, can also lead to such sleep disorders.
sleep disturbance that causes a person to jump out of the bed and join the whole apartment as if one side is being chopped. I guess it is called terrorism. the living person remembers nothing of any dream nightmare, only experiences an unknown fear. Also during this fear, his pillow can grab the quilt and escape to unknown directions. Meanwhile, even if he is awake and aware of what he is doing, he cannot go beyond being just an audience, because his logic mechanism is closed. then everything that happens when you wake up looks very pointless. sleep terror is thought to be based on psychological reasons that my personal opinion is that it is related to stress. It can pass with psychiatric drugs used for a certain period of time.


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