Orion Constellation

Here is the relationship of the Orion constellation with the scorpio constellation and legends about the Orion constellation, both in the southern and northern hemispheres that can be seen from all over the world.
If we consider how this constellation, which appears from our country in the winter months and decorates the sky even in the areas with the highest light pollution, we should not be surprised how many myths appear about it.

one of these myths is associated with my favorite scorpio constellation.
According to the legend, a hunter named Orion lived in his time. the motto of our older brother was "I hunt all who escape and escape". At the same time, he had a giant scorpion that no one could kill. no one would dare look at him since this creature brought everyone who came to kill him to the supreme place.

Of course, when the news of this goes to Orion, does it hold on? orion scorpion managed to strike a fatal blow, but the scorpion stuck to orion with the famous scorpion hit.

that is why the scorpion constellation does not appear, while the orion, the hunter constellation, appears in the sky; While the scorpio constellation was visible, the hunter constellation was not visible. they were still chasing each other in the sky.

Another interesting information about the three stars, located in the middle of the hunter constellation and passing as the arch of the orion, is in a geometric sequence similar to the pyramids of Giza.

that orion's belt
this is the pyramids of giza
As it is seen, the star named mintaka in the arch of Orion is slightly above the line passing through the other two stars and is less bright than them.

Likewise, in the pyramids of Giza, the pyramid named mikerinos is smaller than the top of the line passing through the other two pyramids and is smaller than them.

The last thing I know about the myths about this constellation is that of Christianity.

according to legend hz. When Jesus was born, the 3 kings who wanted to present him gifts were watching the bright star in the east. They found the place where Jesus was born.

If you are going to say "what does this have to do with the hunter constellation?"
The three stars in the middle of the hunter constellation are called orion's belt, or the belt of orion. these three stars are in almost the same direction, although the third star disrupts the minute.

Well, if we accept the birth of Christianity as the beginning year of the millennium. Again, if we take into account that the subject matters take place on the Israeli sides. and considering that the birth of jesus is also considered as 25 December, the direction in which these 3 stars constitute shows which star in the year and year.

the bright star in the east, aka sirius.
so what do these three wise kings find in their birth when they follow the bright star in the east?
our source of life is the sun.
Meanwhile, when we follow the direction of Orion's belt, the star we reach, Sirius, or Turkish star, is the brightest star in the sky.

A section that will not be underestimated as the brightest star knows polaris, the polar star. whereas the polar star is a rather faint star, which is not even in the first places.
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