Natural Birth Control Methods

Medicines, condoms, ria, etc. Some of the natural contraception methods for those who do not want to use it.
medicine, condom, ria, etc. There are also natural control techniques for those who do not want to use it. Before using any of these methods, the physician should be consulted or consulted by an authorized person.

breastfeeding = lactation amenorrhea method
It is a method utilizing the natural contraceptive effect of lactation physiology. When applied correctly and continuously, the probability of pregnancy in the first 6 months is 2%. however, for it to be effective the following conditions must be complete.

* The baby is fed with breast milk only and only with breastfeeding intervals of 3-4 hours. As soon as an additional food is switched on, preservative decreases.
* the mother has not yet started menstruation
* not more than 6 months after birth.

calendar method
Women who have regular menstruation need to perform sexual abstinence, taking into account that the egg will live 24-48 hours before and after the estimated ovulation time and the sperm will live for 48-72 hours, sometimes 5 days, which is a very risky method.

basal body temperature method
Progesterone secreted from the corpus luteum after ovulation, ie ovulation, is thermogenic. that is, it raises the body temperature between 0.2 and 0.5 degrees and keeps it at a high temperature until the next menstruation, that is, about 11-17 days. this rise is called thermal slip. body temperature should be measured every morning, preferably at the same time, and with a sensitive thermometer before getting out of bed orally. fasting should be done during the high period.

cervical palpation method
In order to use this method, the woman must have a strict education. the woman should record changes in the consistency of the cervix each night, if possible, while crouching or standing before bedtime and in the same position each time. Softening begins 4-5 days before ovulation. its consistency is like the inside of the lower lip. When it is hard, it has a consistency like the middle of the tip of the nose. Sexual abstinence is required until the period when it is soft.

cervical mucus method
To apply this method, the woman must first know the mucus and know its normal.

cervical mucus changes in a typical cycle: after menstrual bleeding has ended, no mucus is observed in most women for several days and the vagina feels dry. these days are called dry days. After dry days, mucus begins to be noticed.

it is typically tacky, thick and rough. the color can vary from yellow to white. The amount of the vaginal area may feel dry or slightly sticky. As ovulation approaches, mucus increases, becomes thinner, and its color becomes clear. it becomes more elastic and slippery. the raw egg is like a whites and creeps between two fingers. During this time, most women feel wet in their vaginal area. these days are called wet days. this type of mucus allows sperm to live up to an average of 3, sometimes 5 days and progress towards the egg. The last day of wetness, lubrication and slipperiness created by the transparent, thread-like mucus around the entrance to the vagina is called the peak day. ovulation usually occurs the day before the summit, sometimes on the summit day, sometimes within 2 days after the summit. After ovulation, the amount of progesterone increases and mucus changes again. decreases, becomes sticky and rough. the vagina feels dry. such mucus makes it difficult for sperm to live and move for more than a few hours. After the end of bleeding, the vagina is checked every day, the slippery thin and abundant mucus is continued from the last day to 8-10 days. The woman who will use the method should record every cycle until they gain experience in recording. Short dry days after bleeding are infertile days that are not seen in some women. then the fertile period starts when the mucus becomes thinner. The fertile period ends on the morning of the 4th day after the summit day. sexual abstinence is made according to these periods. When applied correctly, its success reaches 98-99%.

symptothermal method
cervical mucus is a combination of basal body temperature and cervical palpation methods. It is more reliable because it is a combination of all 3.
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