Multiple Personality Disorder

The author of the dictionary described this personality disorder with symptoms such as contradictory attitudes and sudden mod changes.
Sexual abuse is not necessary for this ailment to occur. there are many reasons. It does not have to be seen in a child who first comes out of a troubled family, just like other conditions. there is usually a negligence. If he / she has dealt with a physical / emotional or a trauma or something, a war or a series of physical actions that are going on and made by force are natural disasters etc. If something has happened to cause trauma, it gets easier. but as a result, it is impossible for a person with such a condition to be able to leave a family with healthy communication personality patterns and dynamics.

friends who have levels. consider it like this:

yes there is a division. but not every case is unaware of the existence of these characters. In other words, the things that the person does not know are not freezing, for example, seriously but at first level there are things like forgetfulness, not remembering some things, things disappear, for example, nobody can understand. Apart from that, I am a very calm compatible person, while there are serious mod changes and destructive behaviors that can be self-destructive, and a constant depression accompanies this self-killing thoughts. Now it is as if we are talking about a little borderline personality disorder. yes, because these mode transitions and other symptoms can be confused easily with manic depressive and borderline. Separating for physicians also requires very detailed child history knowledge and expertise. because as long as it is not triggered, the person can hide them.
They are aware that they have some problems in their early teens or early twenties. They usually volunteer for treatment, unlike some personality disorders. the most common places are emergency clinics, but after the crisis is over, the person returns home because there is not much that can be done for these people in the hospital.

Treatment of psychotherapy lasting for many years, but sometimes some medications can be given if deemed necessary. For psychotherapy alone, one should not be in a crisis cycle. In an environment that is free of extremely calm concentrated stress factors, if therapists have succeeded in establishing a bond of trust, other identities are beginning to reveal themselves in the room. however, this is not exactly the case if it is too advanced, by switching between characters in such a way that the person will forget completely out of consciousness. however, when the person is still returning to his own life, while the treatment has not yet progressed, the personalities / qualities he / she is aware of about himself in that room do not communicate much by himself. that is, they know how to express themselves differently.
For example, let's take someone who loves to study, go to school, and if the other character hates studying, he falls asleep. Now of course this can happen to all of us, but here I am throwing the person not managing to control the alarm the night before. It is about to set the alarm on the last time to go to bed but that interval is for example. the person does not remember or does not remember exactly whether he set the alarm or set it. How did it happen? How did I go? Apart from that, as I said, in a situation that is not advanced, for example, even if the person does not have an amnesia (memory loss), they cannot control their behaviors completely. however, this is not "impulsiveness". it feels as if something it cannot interfere with is doing something to it, and in such moments it often seems to look from the outside to its own body or alienate from its own body.

it should be known that a lot of people use some dissociative defense mechanisms to protect themselves. In other words, to think that there is this discomfort in the person who has felt these things, the discourses such as "never mind me ... I look at my wave, I am young, beautiful / handsome" are counted as narcissistic defense mechanisms. however, we all go into these defenses under intense emotion and pressure in order to avoid some of those emotions. this is considered extremely healthy and normal. What is unacceptable is that it has adopted this attitude towards all life and this defense has become a form of personality, in which case one is considered pathological, that is, personality disorder.
The symptoms of the plural personality disorder in question are the same in this way, both due to its severity and the splitting it caused only because of the inability to cope with a trauma experienced after the trauma or the trauma experienced by the person who lived in the past, If the person started to exist in that person and started managing the person by taking over the control from every point in every emotional difficulty, under pressure and at the moment of danger, then if the person is experiencing problems related to living his / her social life spontaneously, then this level is discomfort whatever .

Such people may exist, even without being aware of their surroundings and their own. hence the psychopathic killer we have seen in such films, etc. They do not have to be in the form.

Anyway, let's get back, we said that people suffering from this ailment are willing to therapy. They usually have difficulties in adapting to life, they often apply because of the desire to do something, as if something is pushing / hampering or somatizations.
or (interesting here) vaginismus, for example. because it can be an alter in the opposite sex within the person, which often happens. If the reason for this person's suffering from plural personality disorder is a possible sexual abuse, sexual intercourse will be perceived as a threat, so the person is locked in the moment, but in fact, vaginismus is not. The reason is, at that time, the male is taking control, and he cannot make love to another man. but the reasons are not fully known in the conscious mind. overwhelming nausea etc. etc. I do not know, maybe it may have such effects, but I try to explain that, one does not necessarily come out of a man and say, "Who are you?" This is also the case in advanced situations, but not necessarily. the opposite is true for men.

(I also felt the need to open a parenthesis here, whatever the reason is, if there was a person who caused this division to happen, one of the person's dividing characters must be "that" because, in the beginning, the person who was divided to avoid "that" person / situation later it falls into the illusion that by hosting that person in himself, he can prevent the "he" person and the actions / situations he does not want, and that he can control the "he" person with an alter within which he can control.

here is the biggest misfortune of the disease in my opinion. this means clearly: you are turning into your executives. The event is over, the executioner is gone, maybe he is dead, but you are living with him. You are tormenting yourself, and this illusion, which is experienced by the illusion that you can control that person at the beginning, can create pain similar to you and its surroundings by going beyond your control. For example, this was a sexual abuse and this person has been modeled, if you have this personality in you, and if it gets stronger, it is possible for you to go to sleep and abuse a child and not remember it. that is why the treatment of the disease is so important. That's killer stuff or something. )
Apart from these, in many areas, this discomfort can benefit the person. he can make him extremely insensitive to pain, and when he wishes, he can eliminate himself from the physical or emotional pain he wishes and he can continue his life without any problems. However, as the age progresses and the disease progresses, as the other problems begin to occur, the person usually wants to be treated, complaining of these conditions. unfortunately at that point how much help people are getting very suspicious of a certain economic income and intellectuals in Turkey. Also let's apply, he asked for help, let's see if the correct diagnosis was made?

As you can see, I repeat that there can be a lot of focus; If other problems, that is, secondary problems called "secondary" are diagnosed, although this disorder is not even placed among personality disorders anymore (personality disorders are not fully curable, however, I think that this disease is also "treatable" depending on the levels of course Since it is treated briefly, people are not able to get help because the impression of doctors in our country as a result of my insufficient expertise in this field. Although we have been reported in the first place in the countries where this ailment is experienced, there is a serious deficiency according to the demand.
Let's come to the question of pain.

As I mentioned now, even if this person can escape from pain thanks to other personalities, if he becomes a holistic personality, since some of these identities do not have the capacity to cope even with pain, the person may be much more powerless than before, as he aims to integrate the therapy process. Because when it is unable to cope with anything, there are no identities taking the control of the flu and clearing up.

so this adjustment should be made very carefully in therapy here. If confrontation mechanisms of the main personality are not yet strong enough, some confrontations can be very dangerous. In addition, when these identities unite, it is as if this identity is happening. therefore, even if they do not disappear completely, they can resist to survive, even try to harm the main person, even if they are not intended to be like "sides" that are already in every person when they are integrated and cooperated with the person. eventually, the desired takes place, and when a merger occurs, the person does not jump and jump into the air. because it feels like a part of it. it almost grieves. can become a depression without a cause. very painful processes can be experienced throughout the therapy process.

Finally, let me mention the importance of correct diagnosis once again while talking about yes. It is very important that psychotherapy works because it requires a different form of treatment than any other psychotherapy problem. simply the treatment has three main pillars. I simply leave a link here and go, since it is better understood here. please please do not neglect, if there is someone you suspect a little, reach out near you, including yourself. have treatment.
I say this because these people usually seek help. when they cannot find the help they are looking for, it comes to my press that it comes, I did not do anything, how are these etc. Unfortunately, they are mostly wasted in the hands of the blowers and scammers, and unfortunately they can continue to be abused.

what i need as soon as i see the note:

this is an arbitrary sharing in line with the information I obtained as a result of my personal research and curiosity, and it does not have the quality of medical information.
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