Megalodon: the biggest shark that feeds on whales and weighs 60 tons

This giant shark, weighing 60 tons and 20 meters in length, which lived in the prehistoric period (23 - 2.6 million years ago), is considered as the ancestor of today's great white shark.
The scientific name is carcharocles megalodon. giant shark with big teeth. It is said to be extinct 10 thousand years ago. The biggest shark living today stays with her like a chick.
I learned today, the fact that a creature that you would call vegan if you see it on the road like the whale is the biggest creature of the oceans and the earth was the extinction of the megalodon shark, which was fed by eating the whales and up to 20 meters in length. If their lineage had not been exhausted, terrorism would have caused terrorism to reach 50 meters.

(see evolution of gigantism)

edit: Megalodon, whose habitat was restricted due to the frosting and thus lowering of the waters and could not adapt to living in cold water for some reason, hit the panama isthmus that appeared 12-15 million years ago. megalodon, which could not adapt to cold waters when united north and south america, were trapped in the tropical waters around the equator because they could not travel from north and south; The population is divided into two as Atlantic and Pacific, so to speak. The megalodon who could not get enough food and energy to feed their giant crusher was probably starved.

Sharks that have adapted to cold waters while maintaining their metabolic temperature are still in the waters.
contrary to great white sharks, it is argued that large whites are extinct because they cannot raise their body temperatures above sea water and therefore cannot be hunted in cold waters.
The comparison with the great white shark living today is as follows
the size of your chin is as follows
he still has teeth. Look after the rain in places near the ocean, where rivers like delta drag and collect. don't say much, don't get rich when we find it. Also, if you have found one, look around, other sharks have teeth. such things accumulate in the same place. There are a lot of videos on how to find it on youtube.


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