Magnificent Archaeological Monuments in Turkey

Because there's a point at the junction of Civilizations Turkey, a complete archaeological paradise. There is a lot to see. Here are some of them.

1. Kadesh Treaty - Istanbul
The Treaty of Kadesh, at the beginning of the 13th century BC, the Egyptian Pharaoh II, which ended the war of Kadesh II. ramses and hitit king iii. It is the peace treaty signed between hatushili and resulted in the sharing of Syrian lands. It is the first treaty signed.

2. Alexander Sarcophagus - Istanbul
King sarcophagus that belongs to the 4th century BC, thought to belong to the King of Sidon, Abdalonymos. It is considered as one of the most important works in the archaeological museums of Istanbul.

3. Love Poetry Tablet - Istanbul
It is described as the oldest known love poem in the world. It is in the archaeological museum of Istanbul, it is Sumerian.

4. aphrodisias stadium - intellectual
The aphrodisias stadium is the best preserved and most magnificent work of the city, but it is the best protected from the old stadiums in the Aegean region. The stadium located in the north of the city is one of the most important ancient buildings in the world. The stadium in the north of the city has a length of 262 meters, a width of 50 meters and seating rows that can accommodate 30,000 viewers.

5. statue of the king of the hitit, the second suppyluliuma - hatay
The king of the hitite II, located on the tellin mound in Hatay in 2012. The statue of Şuppiluliuma is on display at the Hatay Archeology Museum.

6. uluburun wreck - Muğla
The shipwreck, which was exhibited at the Bodrum underwater archeology museum, was a merchant ship that had sunk 8 kilometers from the town of Kaş in Antalya 3,300 years ago.

7. gordion wooden table - ankara
The wooden table in the midas tumulus is on display at the Anatolian Civilizations Museum.

8. The Breastfeeding Woman Statue - Ankara
breastfeeding the woman with her left breast, holding her child with her right hand between her legs, pressing her head with her left hand on her chest.

9. cheerful skeleton mosaic - hatay
A mosaic with a skeleton that writes Greek "joy" on it. Roman period, 3rd century AD. In 2013, he was found in the dining room of a house in the ancient city of antiocheia. It is exhibited in Hatay Archeology Museum.

10. mosaic of orpheus - sanliurfa
Orpheus mosaic, dating back to 194 AD, is one of the oldest mosaics bearing a signature that is thought to belong to the artist in the ancient city of city named after Alexander the Great. the kidnapped mosaic was brought to the country as a result of long efforts. its location is the Şanlıurfa archeology and mosaic museum.

11. Balıklıgöl statue - Şanlıurfa
The oldest known real-size human statue. It is estimated to be about 10,000 years old. location sanliurfa archeology and mosaic museum.

12. gypsy girl mosaic - gaziantep
It decorated the floor of the dining room of a villa in the ancient city of Zeugma. He was found in rescue excavations in the autumn of 1998 in the ancient city of Zeugma. It is located in the zeugma mosaic museum.

13. tired of herakles statue - antalya
The 200-kilogram tired heracles statue was found in the ancient city of Perge. its location is antalya archaeological museum.

14. We Believed Vase - Ankara
We believed the vase is the famous vase located in the cult center of the hitit state called hanhana. The painting on it describes the marriage ceremony of the holy gods. It reflects the hitit culture very well. It is exhibited in the Anatolian Civilizations Museum.

15. Sitting Woman Statuette - Ankara
The work, made of terracotta, dates from 5750 BC, located in cutlery. It is exhibited in the Anatolian Civilizations Museum.

16. stratonikeia ancient city shaban agha mosque - mugla
Saban Ağa Mosque, which is among the biggest marble cities of the world and located in the unesco world heritage temporary list, is located in the ancient city of Stratonikeia, in the ancient city of Stratonikeia, at the entrance of the city.

17. great artemis statue - izmir
Found in the ancient city of Ephesus. artemis, mother goddess and fertility symbol, exhibited in selçuk museum.

18. antiochos & herakles handshake stele - adiyaman
arsemia is in the ruins. The antiochos-herakles handshake stele is regarded as the symbol of the commagene kingdom's ideal to unite east and west (greek and pers).

19. amasya mummies - amasya
It is located in the Amasya Museum. It is 8 mummies that remained in the İlhanlı period.

20. blond nun and 4 kids mummy - nigde
The "blond nun", which is approximately a thousand years old, and 4 children's mummies are on display at the Nigde Museum.

21. kibyra medusa mosaic and live fish pond - burdur
The mausoleum of the late Roman period, the female monster figure adorning the orchestra section of the 3600 odeon in the ancient city of kibyra, and the lively fish pool that has not disappeared for centuries in front of the fishermen's shop on the main street.

22. sardes gymnasium - manisa
The magnificent structure of the ancient city, which was the capital of the Lydian state.

23. cutlery baby skeleton - konya
A 9,000-year-old baby skeleton on display at the archaeological museum of konya.

24. Sagalassos Antonine Fountain - Burdur
It was built in the time of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius between 161 and 180 AD and was built as a prestige indicator of the Roman Empire.

25. Lycian League Council Building - Antalya
The parliament building located in the ancient city of Patara is considered as the first democratic assembly of the world.

26. Serpent Column - Izmir
It is erected on the entrance square of the ancient city of Asklepion (bergama) and the snake figure on it has become the symbol of medicine. you can see it in Bergama Museum.

27. aizanoi zeus temple and stock market structure - kutahya
aizanoi is the capital of aizanoi belonging to frigia. There is very little information about aizanoi's pre-roman period. It is said that the early settlement in the region goes up to 2 thousand years BC.
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