Little-known facts about the Titanic crash

The world's largest ship, Titanic, which made its first voyage from England to America on April 15, 1912, had not come to the mind of anyone. You all know that Titanic crashes into the mountain of ice. But what happened after hitting the iceberg?
It is a ship that crashed into the iceberg on April 15, 1912. as described in the documentaries that were shot later;

- radio was asked for help. however, nobody took it seriously. "Lan Titanic Sink, Be Haha" has been talked, and the ship named Carpathia has grasped the seriousness of the incident and came to the road of accident.

- The last place the captain was seen was his own room. did not get out of there. The organization of the passengers settled in lifeboats was a colonel of 1st class passengers.

- The orchestra was never silenced when the passengers were placed. Most recently, they stole the song "approaching god". it was a very familiar song.

- The passengers walking away with the lifeboats saw what was going on with the light of titanic. until electric motors explode.

- the ship was split in the middle (between parts 3 and 4) and the front sank immediately. the tail (propeller) side continued to float in the water for a while. passengers thought they had been saved. but it started to sink. even those who are at the corner begin to swim without getting wet. Vortex did not occur as expected.

- One of the lifeboats was transferred to the others and returned to save the survivors. only 4 people survived this turn. One of them was the colonel that placed the passengers.
Most people died by freezing, not by drowning.
- While all this is happening, the representative of the times captured the speeches in the Titanic and became the first publication in the world. but nobody took it seriously. white star officials denied the incident, but after a few days they had no denial.

- The passengers on the lifeboat wanted to paddle. officials opposed at first. but they were threatened to be thrown into the sea. helplessly allowed. rowing passengers were among the first-class passengers. There were 2 reasons to want to paddle. The first is not to get cold from the cold. second and most importantly; to stay away from what is happening, to be busy with something.
- carpathia arrived at the scene. He took passengers and lifeboats from the sea. No radio talks were allowed until new york. only the names of the rescued passengers were passed over to the radio. Even the military aid offer was rejected.

There was another man inside. bruce ismeel. Founder of white star. all the rescued passengers were disturbed by his presence. whereas the man who designed the titan was buried in the waters with the titanic.
The press ship immediately approached carpathia as it approached the waters of new york. they offered money to the crew to jump aboard. but no one jumped. 1 press member was able to go to carpathia. he was detained immediately and was not interviewed until the ship landed.

- An unfamiliar person in New York has not been brought down.

Much speculation about - was created. many people (incident dependent or independent) were billed. There was a painful history. He compared the sounds he heard on the Titanic in a casualty, who was recovered from the accident at a young age and was a baseball player in the future, as the "joyful moaning of the stadium after the streak".

- They learned the most important truth after the titanic went down. "Mankind could never defeat nature."


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