Little Known About Whiplash Movie

Little-known production notes about the 2014 film Whiplash, which won 3 Oscars.
- filming took a total of 19 days.

- The bells that appear in drums in the movie are all 'bosphorus' brand. only the drum-mounted bells in the last scene are 'istanbul agop' brand. Both the world-famous 'bosphorus' bells and 'Istanbul agop' bells are the pride of our country.
- Damien Chazelle, the film's director and screenwriter, cannot find enough financial support to shoot the film. Thereupon, he made a short film (with the help of right of way films and blumhouse production), adapted from 15 pages of his original script. In this short film, Johnny Simmons is in the role of 'Andrew', and J.k in the role of 'Fletcher'. There are simmons. this 18-minute short film participated in the 2013 sundance film festival and was awarded the special jury award for the best short film in the 'fiction' category. this success attracted the attention of the producers and finally the company 'bold films' provided $ 3.3 million (USD) support for the feature film.
- Mike Teller has the lead role in the cast of the feature film instead of 'Johnny Sims', j.k. simmons remained the 'fletcher' character.

- the famous slap scene has been shot many times. 'simmons' pretends to be hitting 'wires' in every shot, but actually does not. Eventually, the two players agree that the desired will not be achieved in this way, and in the last shot, 'simmons' really slaps 'wires'. In the assembly of the film, the scene in which this real slap was used was used.
- In the third week of filming, the director Damien chazelle suffers a serious traffic accident and remains under surveillance in the hospital for a day due to concussion.

- 'nate lang', who portrays the character of 'andrew tanner' as the rival of andrew in the film, is a member of howlin 'souls, a new york (manhattan) music group. starring a real drummer in the movie was the idea of ​​the director 'chazelle' and of course there was a reason: the lead actor 'miles teller' had learned the drum he started at the age of 15, but his style had always been rock and roll. Whereas the movie was based on jazz sound as it was .. rock drummers used the drumsticks in a coordinated alignment while jazz drummers were using the drumsticks differently, as if the Japanese grabbed the chopsticks, and the strings' baguette grip technique had to be changed, and nate lang helped her with this. Of course, aggressive studies for all this change of style have led the lead actor's fingers to collect crazy water.
- director chazelle himself is a jazz drummer (at least at a certain time in his life).

- There is no scene in the movie where the character 'andrew' does not appear.

Almost all the drum performance of the 'andrew' character belongs to miles teller, which completely portrays the character.
- j.k.simmons has won 47 different awards for his role as 'fletcher'.

- The name of 'Melissa Benoist', who plays the character of 'nicole', appears in all the official platforms, both generically and film-related, although it appears to be shown in the fourth place of the cast, and is less than ten minutes in total for the entire film.
- miles teller portrays an 18-year-old boy in the film and is 19-year-old in his next movie, 'the spectacular now'. In real life, he is 25 years old in the first movie and 26 years old in the following movie.

- In the scene where teller knocked him down, two ribs of j.k.simmons were broken.

note: the above content consists of translating the information about the movie in various sites related to the cinema as well as the general stream to Turkish after the mutual confirmation (imdb - wikipedia- tvtropes - amateurfreviews - nypost).
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