Little known about Leonardo da Vinci

Astronomer, architect, engineer, inventor, mathematician, anatomist, musician, sculptor, botanist, geologist, cartographer, writer, painter ... World history has never seen such a versatile intelligence.
- “da vinci” was not actually his surname; The crane was the name of a city from the toskano region of Italy. (like leonardo from the winch)

- it was an illegitimate child. his father never married leonardo's biological mother, but four times in total. He has 17 siblings.

- while taking lessons on the picture from andrea del verrocchio, she asked her teacher to draw an angel. leonardo da vinci made such a painting that andrea del verrocchio decided not to paint it again.

- The oldest known work is the arno valley on August 5, 1473, drawn with a fountain pen.
- leonardo da vinci; he was left-handed just like napoleon, michelangelo, einstein, newton, bill gates, oprah, barack obama, jimi hendrix.

- wrote most of his writings from right to left. this made his writing difficult to understand. this may have an effect on being left-handed or there may be a desire to keep the information confidential.

- left unfinished articles, pictures and inventions behind. leonardo da vinci was a little slow at completing his work; but he was also a perfectionist. Although some of his inventions were realized using his designs, many of them were not realized.

- He was a strict vegetarian. it was also against keeping animals in a cage.

- In 1483 he was prepared to make the biggest sculpture work; but this dream did not come true.

- At the age of 24, he was arrested with his boyfriends, charged with homosexuality. He was not sentenced to death because of no witnesses.
She never married and had no children. He took notes in his notebooks that he was disgusted by the relationship between men and women.

- Little interest in literature, religion and history.

- Among the notes written to enter the cemeteries at night to steal the corpse to examine the human anatomy.
Interestingly, he often chose pink outfits to lighten his complexion.

- Made plans for more armored vehicles in the 1485s.
- Invented a mobile bridge and hydraulic pump for the Duke of Milan.
- leonardo da vinci was the first to scientifically study the flight of birds.
- Invented an inflatable tube for use in water. and designed it about 300 years before its first bike use.
- Mona Lisa and the last supper are two of his most famous works.
- After studying the erosion of the rivers, Leonardo understood that the world was older than the Bible.

- Leonardo da Vinci made the first explanation of why the sky was blue for the first time in history.

- They had some plans for bridges, smoke machines, armored vehicles. but he did not have time to complete it because it was slow.
- Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to build his prototype or design a parachute. years later the south african adrian nicholas used this design.
- Many modern inventions including solar energy, helicopters, calculators are proven in his notes.

- da vinci's famous mona lisa has been exhibited behind a six-meter bulletproof barrier at the louvre museum in paris for more than 200 years.

- While many people say that the lisa del gioconda is used as a model for mona lisa, many people think that a live model is not used.
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