Is the immediate environment of man dragging him into a mediocre life?

"The human is the average of the five people who spend the most time together." says Jim Rohn. Is it really? The Sour Dictionary writers were a bit concerned about this issue.
This is a situation that has found itself as a structure in sociology. essentially all modern philosophy is related to this. the resistance to this situation is self-practice in Foucault, that is ethical, which is influenced by historical structures; It is praxis in marx, capital forms divided into different areas in bourdieu. deleuze is anti-oedipus. emerging as hell others in sartre; it is a resistance to the notion that the people signifies as social pressure. In general, from the ordinary man on the street to the entire tradition of modern philosophy, the problem is based on liberating the individual. everybody is holding on to one side of the rope.

structure is truth. There is a clear distinction between determining the reality of this situation and being buried in an Arabesque despair. sometimes, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot change his conditions. because it is limited by its own means. My opinion on this issue is as follows: everyone experiences their own means. While saying this, I am not saying that the current conditions cannot be improved. if possible, conditions may improve on an individual basis, on a gender basis, on a culture, race basis. the comments that will fulfill this improvement are an engagement in a wide range of philosophy and sociology literature. Again, a person who is involved in this literature, who is relevant to the subject, reads those who can offer ointment to his own self-healing, and develops an ideology accordingly. For example, if he was born in a family belonging to the working class tradition, orthodox Marxism, surrounded by petty bourgeois means, frankfurt school, foucault, post-structuralism; liberalism in a upper-middle class secular family, hayek, mises; In the bourgeois family, it is likely to read more individualistic philosophers, perhaps to develop an interpretation of mysticism-liberalism synthesis.

everyone looks at his own private salvation from his own window, not someone else's. After all, in Sartre's novel of nausea, as roquentin puts it, everyone has to justify his own existence. because you were born
anyway, there's something called structure. it is not easy to struggle with this on an individual basis. It is not easy for man to change something in his own life, with the suggestions of youtubers who offer template prescriptions. Trust yourself, love yourself, do this, take a stance bla bla bla. As we have seen, everyone from his philosopher to his way is trying to liberate man. So, human existence in this world is largely on the problem of freedom. That's why philosophy and sociology exist. not for anything else. what is good life how do you reach him on a class basis? collectively? individually? on the basis of sex or culture?

One point I did not mention was the science of psychology. This may be where sociology is inadequate. or a multidisciplinary understanding is required. for example, the person has all the means to be liberated; it has financial power. it has social capital. it has cultural capital. There is no obstacle to bring his life to a better point on an individual basis. however, there are traumas from the past. it cannot be overcome, and overcoming it may be traumatized, wandering on the fine line between neurosis and psychosis, and justifying its disease. At this point, the disease is undermining the possibilities. this is another aspect of the work.

Of course, the example above was a special example. When we look at the general, in a country like Turkey has now urbanized, most people are ignorant and comes from traumatic family. hence the person is struggling with his impossibilities on the one hand and the traumas that will accompany him for life. There are very few people who understand the issue in this way and do not feel sorry for the people of this country, whether it be a sociologist, a film director or a literary artist. he wants to be a dictionary writer. Wherever you look, you see the traces of poverty, or the wounds of being pushed or grown up in a loveless family. An innocent, injured child emerges from the man you can call the most filthy, perhaps under an oriental crafty booed by the whole society. There is a good word in English: compassion. we hardly understood. phonetic is also very nice. anyway, i can't write any more.
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