Interesting Story of the Light Bulb, The First Promotion of History by Rockefeller's Company

In the 1900s, Standard Oil, owned by oil producer Rockefeller, and Royal Dutch & Shell, by Henri Deterding, are competing. Rockefeller wants to give a direction in his favor in this competition and starts the distribution of bulbs as a promotion. But things are not as expected.
In the early 1900s, a huge struggle began between the standard oil company of rockefeller, one of the major oil producers, and the royal dutch & shell company of henri deterding. rockefeller decided to cut oil prices in order to defeat the newly launched henri deterding. That's why oil prices have become incredibly cheap in the Chinese market where deterding has just entered. however, rockefeller did not settle with this and started to give free bulbs to its customers who bought oil. At that time, there were light bulbs burning with oil.
Despite this ingenious idea, things did not go as rockefeller intended. because henri deterding had also reduced oil prices. The production facilities of royal dutch & shell were close to china and transportation costs were low. however, rockefeller brought the oil it sold in China from a distance. Therefore, it cost rockefeller, which is a high cost expenditure, rather than the cheap deterrent oil. As a result, when the deterding prices were much lower, people who received bulbs as a promotion from rockefeller used the oil of deterding, the biggest competitor of rockefeller in those bulbs ...


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