in homemade yogurt, what kind of milk uses?

One of the most important points to consider when making yogurt at home is milk selection. So let's examine the milk types one by one.
1. clear milk
If you do not know the source (the name of the person who brought you the milk is not the surname), how it feeds the animal it provides milk, the use of antibiotics, the content of milk, the harmful chemicals such as laundry soda, antibiotics, and how foreign materials such as carbonate, starch, etc. how do we know them? We do not know. a checkpoint should be created for each stage. otherwise our job is left to chance. the person we provide is honest, etc. does not matter. If even an invisible hair falls into milk during milking, this milk will double in every minute and grow the pathogen. You put a pathogen into your children's body from the hands of a very honest and honest brini. On the other hand, we took the milk and brought it home. I've said it a thousand times.

I say it again: when open milk is boiled at 95-100 ° C, which is the temperature range you boil, most of the microbes in it disappear, while the useful vitamins disappear. Chemicals that are at risk of being in open milk cannot be destroyed by boiling. therefore, there is always a health risk in exposed milk.
2. uht milk
the type of milk you see on common biscuit shelves in grocery stores. it does not deteriorate unless it is exposed to direct sunlight. this milk is also used in yoghurt making. we never, ever recommend. There is no yogurt anyway. because they apply a very high pressure and a very high temperature in order to turn milk into a uht. Under this pressure, all the beneficial and useless bacteria in milk die and the proteins and enzymes in milk are destroyed. therefore, digestive problems are experienced intensely.
3. Pasteurized Daily Milk
this is the type of milk we recommend. Pasteurized milk is a type of drinking milk that is completely free from the causative factors and mostly from other factors without creating changes in the natural qualities of milk at a certain temperature below the boiling point. The durability period is five days, provided that it is kept in the cold. When you choose milk from a reliable brand, this is the most suitable choice for you and your child. Yogurt made from this milk also contains high nutritional meals compared to your yeast.


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