Impressive Netflix series watched in one sitting: Unorthodox

A few words from the Sour Dictionary author of the Mini Netflix series adapted from Deborah Feldman's semi-autobiographical book Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, published in 2012.
In the one of us documentary I watched on netflix, I started to be interested in the lifestyle and foreign language of the 'hasidic Jewish' community after I was surprised by the solid fundamentalist ultra-orthodox community that refused to evolve. so unorthodox was a drama I watched in one breath.

There are many laws and rules that every member of this highly insulated extreme sect, originating from the 18th century europe and controlled entirely by rabbis. all of them should dress in a certain way like their ancestors, speak in a Yiddish language, act in accordance with the Hasidic Judaism and cannot do anything that is thought to be secular, such as using the Internet. by disconnecting from the world around them in an anti-technological way; In an oppressive subculture that completely excludes modern life, you cannot believe how tightly they protect and build their communities.
I find it difficult to understand how people can blindly follow everything so that they do not even know what is beyond this society where they isolate them and at the same time they do not want to know. Although the series does not focus on the toxic mechanism of the community that suppresses questioning people - also familiar from other religious groups; the series in which this community could be a by-product of the historical persecution that the rest of the world placed on Jewish religion was not bypassed: “We are correct for the 6 million we lost.”

I find it very interesting that all extreme religious communities have very similar mentalities globally and have the same characteristics. Just as the patriarchy that abuses women combines organized religion, all of them use familiar forms of violence.

In the process of discovering individuality while escaping from trauma, etsy has a story that can be applied to any closed society, as they are universal struggles. Therefore, the feeling that the series wants to give passes to the audience very well. shira haas is an amazing talent. Not only did he carry the series on his back, he ran ten laps. he was able to reflect every emotion and feeling perfectly. I think his path is very clear in his career journey thanks to his performance in this role.
most impressed scenes:
• The discovery that he made in his own body in the bathroom after sexual education.
• When she quotes her husband from talmud, her husband says "women are not allowed to read talmud!" answer.
• Etsy's "God asked me a lot." Cue.
• Yanky's smartphone says "Where's my wife?" she asked.
• again, Yanky asks the prostitute what he likes to overcome his ignorance of his sexual approach to his wife.
• The scene where the babi lay dead on the floor and the prayer read.
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