How to Cook Tenderloin?

How to prepare tenderloin? How to sauce or make? A nice cooking and sauce recipe is in our content.
Tenderloin: A piece of soft meat removed from both sides of the butcher's backbone.

Get steak first and foremost. Don't let another meat be poured for you as a steak. Look at the internet what kind of meat is tenderloin, memorize it thoroughly, to the supermarket etc. don't go and trust. Take the meat from the butcher like a man, even if you have sincerity, take the meat out of the calf itself. After all, you will give serious money, and the man will gladly remove the meat. Of course, if you ask me to buy two slices, you can beat and beat it. Unfortunately, you will get them all. if this is not less than 200 TL according to today's conditions.

The color of the meat is very important, it will be a lively bright reddish pinkish clean lep and it will be a whole piece like a tail from the thick to the thin. unnecessary places will be cleaned carefully and sliced ​​1.5 to 2 cm thick. When it is sliced, there will be traces of white oil in that pinkish meat. the meat can not be beaten too much and violently, and if possible, it can be corrected by just crushing it a little by hand.

At this stage, you will want to eat the raw meat of Turkish delight. yes, we bought our meat, we paid a fortune and now we are close to the pleasure of cooking all this gold worth meat and enjoying all this expense. this is the most risky part. money if we can't cook the meat well, so that meat means garbage. I looked at the previous entries, there are other recipes and they are all really good recipes but they are not practical but laborious and long-lasting. we don't have the patience to wait that long, remember we just thought to eat that meat raw.
now we have come to the main moment to share my secret, so the event is hidden in the cooking section
(assuming the meat is good)

dear tenderloin orders, my disciples do not burn, we find a good quality cooker, whether it be non-stick pan, steel pan, etc., whether it is large or not, it is chilled or not.

we put the pan on the stove and we will put the oil in half of the height of the meat slices (we cut the slices 1.5-2 cm thick, that is, the oil can be max 1 cm deep inside the ceiling), the meat should not be lost in the oil, but they will cook in less oil. In addition, the oil we will use must be a high fire oil such as sunflower or corn oil.

We bring the fire to the highest level and heat the oil well before throwing the meat. this essential oil must be very angry. If you throw the meat into a pan (a piece as small as the pinch of a little finger) to understand that the oil is angry enough, it means that the bubbles are bubbling around the meat and if it is floating, the oil is angry enough.

Yes, the fat is hot, there is another very important moment when cooking the meat. Even though it is a little different in terms of the thickness of the slices, I think the tenderloin should be fried brownish like pomegranate outside and undercooked pinkish inside for my taste. If you want to eat the steak like I like, that is, if you are pinkish inside and outside, I will give you a time period on average based on the studies I have done and trying time. phone etc. You can measure it by holding a stopwatch with a tool like. If it takes a very important time every second, it cooks like it is outside.

On average, the times I found are: For 1.5 cm thick slices, I bake one side of the meat for 75-80 seconds and the other side for 75-80 seconds and get ready. In 2 cm thick slices, I cook both sides for 90-95 seconds. You see how practical and in a short time, you bought the meat from the butcher and hop is ready to eat in 2-3 minutes.

you will be amazed to see that the meat is very light and not greasy even though it is cooked in oil.

While keeping time, oil splashes around, keep your phone and hands away, when you have a long tong in your hand, when one side is cooked (it will be a beautiful bright brownish color) turn it over and cook it immediately and do not leave it in the pan when the process is finished. Put the meat at the same time and take it at the same time so that the oil does not cool down or one of them is overcooked.

Before you finish, you can also spread a piece of newspaper paper so that it does not sink too much oil or splash around (do not put it around the ceiling and fire it, just put it in places).

Finally, I leave your peace by saying I hope you enjoy your meal.
In addition, a delicious sauce recommendation
1 small box of cream
1 tablespoon of thyme
1 teaspoon curry
1 teaspoon mustard
1 sugar
1.5 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon of basil

mix them all. touch the sauce into a pyrex. Cook the steak front side of the steak in a skim pan. Make steak-thick strips of steak and throw them into the sauce. It is better if you keep it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.


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