How is the Milky Way Photograph Taken?

Dictionary writer "excessive dragonhasiolanvarmi" shares how visually wonderful these pictures are taken, which makes us feel how small we are in the universe.
Answer: it does not.


We are on the Orion tributary, 27,000 light years away from the center of the Milky Way galaxy with a radius of 50,000 light years. If we think in three dimensions, we are in the middle of the z dimension of the Milky Way, the thickness of which is 1.000 light years. and the spacecraft we've ever sent, voyager 1, is only 19 billion kilometers from Earth. In other words, if we think about galactic dimensions, even voyager 1, which has left the farthest solar system, is almost in the same position with us than the center of the galaxy.

So, how can we photograph the Milky Way galaxy without going out of the Milky Way galaxy?

Let's consider the Milky Way galaxy like a home. We cannot take a photo of the house from outside without leaving the house. but we can photograph from the inside.

We extract the sun-centered maps of the Milky Way galaxy:
we take pictures of the "inside" milky way with ground telescopes and cameras:
Although we cannot photograph our own galaxy from the outside, we can still photograph other galaxies. The photos of spiral galaxies like ours, like m31, m51, also help us. that is, we can predict how our own house looks from the outside, by looking at other houses and combine the photos we take from the inside closest to reality. then we create all the milky way photographs in computer environment and get "photos" of the milky way galaxy. so we don't shoot.


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