How Does Alcohol Affect Sex in Women and Men?

Does alcohol increase libido? Does alcohol provide advantages or disadvantages in hardening and wetting? There are many curious questions about alcoholic sex like these. We are looking for answers to these questions in the light of science.
Alcoholic sex is a subject full of myths that have been told a lot of wrong things. Does it increase libido in both sexes? Why do we feel comfortable when we drink alcohol? Why does the desire level increase after alcohol in some people? Is it an advantage or a disadvantage for men in series, wet women? Does an ugly person with alcohol look good to you? Is it possible to make love after alcohol without memory or so? I will explain them scientifically at the bottom.

How do women who drink alcohol feel?
1) the amount of alcohol increases the level of testosterone. This hormone is very effective in sexual desire, psychologically, one feels comfortable and feels more desirable, and as a result, this situation turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy, you feel better as you drink, drink as you feel sexy.

2) Reduces the sensitivity in the genital area if the amount of alcohol is excessive. (reference: sciencedirect)

3) Alcohol, which is mixed with blood even if there is nothing in 1 glass, causes orgasm dysfunction, you cannot briefly orgasm. eventually you may have to masturbate to relax as a happy ending activity.

4) Although excessive alcohol relaxes women, it makes them hard to get wet and makes sexual intercourse painful.

How do men who drink alcohol feel?
1) erection becomes harder. because it slows down the blood flow to the penis. It increases the hormone angiotensin, making erection difficult. Besides, you have serious problems in hardening as it suppresses the nervous system.

2) prolongs excessive drinking time (reference). it can go over 30 minutes in men. maybe it was necessary to drink more to turkish men? In another entry I wrote, I explained that the sex duration of Turkish men is one of the worst averages in the world with 3.3 minutes:
3) While a little alcohol increases sexual desire as in women, it decreases the excess. According to research, 1-2 glasses up to 86 kg are acceptable. excess may cause you to crash onto your nose and soft penis.

4) Courage increases more and males approach more than males. In short, your social pressure is reduced and you can talk to women more comfortably and sincerely. Even work has been done on it. I know this from myself. At 3 am, there were things I had accomplished with almost minimal speech. I couldn't survive with sober head.
Some examples of general myths about alcoholic sex
1) everyone is sexy! this part is correct. it's called looking around with "beer glasses". When you drink a lot, both you and your environment look sexy, if you are already attractive according to the article, it seems that your score does not increase, while the score of non-attractive individuals increases. (reference)

2) "Everyone's alcohol tolerance is the same." no, it is not. women have less water in their bodies, even if they are at the same weight as men. For this reason, more alcohol is mixed into the blood, that is, although the amount of alcohol you drink is the same, the woman is more affected.
3) my favorite and women usually take shelter: "I lose myself when I drink alcohol and I don't even remember who I made love with! (Come on from there!)

this is the typical defense mechanism seen in women. men do it from time to time but it gets funnier. because the man is the party trying to seduce the woman. my advice to men: do not deceive your lover / spouse and say "it was because of alcohol", find a better excuse.

In women, ego control acts at ease for that moment because it suppresses the id less, but then regrets and develops a "defense mechanism". chooses not to remember. Do not make love with a man and then say, "I was very alcoholic, I was not aware, I am so sorry, I deceived you last night." a smart man does not eat it.

In short, you are aware of what you are doing at that moment, regardless of the amount of alcohol.
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